Roger Waters says he ‘couldn’t care less about AC/DC and Eddie Van Halen’: ‘I’m not very into most popular music’

Roger Waters said he “didn’t give a damn aboutAC DC and Eddie Van Halen” during his recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Cornerstone of pink floyd during the band’s glory days, Roger Waters was among the musical prodigies who helped shape the course of the band’s history. Rock from the 60s to the 70s.

Since leaving Pink Floyd, Waters has continued to work solo and has managed to retain a sizable following despite his infrequent releases. And while his music undeniably fits into the broader rock category, the musician recently admitted to Rogan that he’s not “very knowledgeable” about rock history, saying he prefers singer-songwriters. .

When Rogan said Waters’ split from Pink Floyd in 1985 was “probably the biggest breakup in rock history”, the musician replied: “I don’t know… Maybe… I’m not very familiar with the history of rock. I’m not very interested in most popular music. I mean, there are people I’m a huge fan of, but they’re mostly authors, singer-songwriters. For instance [Bob] Dylan and Neil Young.”

Elaborating a bit more, Waters says it’s the “Rock’n’Roll noisy” of which he is not a fan: “I’m not going to make a long list [des artiste qui me plaisent]. I probably could, but it’s that end of the spectrum that interests me the most. I’m not really into loud rock ‘n’ roll. Some people love it, but I don’t really care about AC/DC, Eddie Van Halen and all that stuff. I’m here… ‘Who?’. I do not say [vraiment] ‘Who?’, because I know the name… And I’m sure Eddie was brilliant, he played the guitar really well and he was wonderful… But that doesn’t interest me.”

In addition, the legendary prog rockers of Pink Floyd would seek to sell their catalog for a total of 500 million dollars, and apparently the slew of controversial Roger Waters political comments reported lately may have put the sale in jeopardy (according to multiple online sources). Especially, variety notes that “the other band members must be pissed.”

It should be noted that the musician’s statements are not the only factor delaying the completion of the sale – tax issues, interest rates, the fall in the value of the pound sterling and the global recession also play a role. .

Lately, Waters took a stand on the war between Russia and Ukrainedeclaring that the United States is “the most evil country there is” and that US President Joe Biden is “a war criminal”. This lead to the cancellation of two of his concerts in Polandas well as his inscription on a Ukrainian “blacklist” (in his own words).

Roger Waters on The Joe Rogan Experience:

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Roger Waters says he ‘couldn’t care less about AC/DC and Eddie Van Halen’: ‘I’m not very into most popular music’

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