Roch Voisine badly, health concerns for the 59-year-old singer.

It’s never easy to grow old, even when your name is Roch Voisine. Find out what he says about his age and the health issues that come with it.

Roch Voisine: He was a very athletic teenager who played ice hockey. His dream was to become a professional player. Unfortunately, a bad injury forced him to reconsider his career plans.

Roch Voisine must accept aging.

He therefore chose to follow his second passion, music. He performed for the first time in front of an audience in 1986 in Montreal for the party from Canada.

You know the rest of his musical career! The Canadian brought down the girls all over the world in love with him and he marked a whole generation of people. Impossible to forget some of his romantic melodies, like Hélène, which you can listen to below.

This Saturday, March 26, Roch Voisine has aged! Indeed, he celebrated his 59th birthday and is approaching his sixties. A number that scares him like most people.

Every step is a step in life. Even if the singer still seems young, he still has some small problems of health. In agingyou have to accept the change in your body and you have to change certain habits to take care of it.

During of an interview granted to journalists from Paris Match, the interpreter of the song Hélène made some revelations about her age:

Age is not only in the head, you can be in great shape, but when you get older, it is more difficult to get up in the morning, especially when you have been a great athlete like me.

Arthritis, sciatica, etc. You have to accept reality. Everyone must learn to live and grow old, to listen to their body. He talks to me and there are things I can’t do anymore.

Roch Voisine worries about his children and the future generation

However, Roch Voisine has a lot of gratitude and satisfaction for his career.

Especially when he sees the next world for young people: I have boys aged 16 and 18, I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.

You can understand them when they say to you, ‘Have you seen what kind of world you leave us?’ It’s not just my generation’s fault, because it all started long before, but it’s very worryingdeplores the beautiful brown.

A new father at over fifty

One thing is certain, Roch Voisine is very close of his children and he loves them more than anything. He first had two boys with his former girlfriend, Myriam Saint Jeans. And in July 2020, life spoiled him again. Indeed, he becomes a father for the third time at more than fifty years old with his new darlingMyriam Chantal.

Roch Neighbor

By chance, Roch Voisine had the chance to welcome a little girl he named Lily-Dorina. Have another child is the natural way to stay young as long as possible. Indeed, there is no choice but to stay in shape to enjoy all these magical moments: It’s a joy to be back dad. We have chancewe have a beautiful baby girl who is healthy, energetic and adorable.

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Roch Voisine badly, health concerns for the 59-year-old singer.

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