Radicalization in schools: students leave a class because their teacher makes them listen to a Beatles song

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A handful of students from a middle school in the city center of the Pink City left a music class because their teacher made them listen to a Beatles song during the Ramadam period. They were reframed by the principal who made a report to the rectorate.

The incident was handled directly by the principal and reported to the rectorate. The facts took place at Les Chalets college in a fairly affluent residential area of ​​downtown Toulouse, generally spared from major discipline problems. We are April 4, three days after the start of Ramadan (the holy month par excellence for Muslims, editor’s note).
The music education teacher plays a Beatles song in order to study the structure of the song. A student gets up and refuses to follow the course any longer, claiming that during Ramadan, he is not allowed to listen to music. He leaves the room followed by seven other college students, “who are not all of the Muslim faith and who followed their comrade by group effect and not by religious conviction”, specifies Mostafa Fourar, the rector of the Toulouse academy.

The informed rectorate

The reframing is immediate. The headteacher and class homeroom teacher visit the class for a debriefing. “The principal had the right attitude. She made a reminder of the law and the values ​​of the republic. Since then, I have not been informed of any such occurrences. There have been no others all year, ”reports the rector. According to our information, another incident of the same type occurred within the Les Chalets college, more or less during the same period. A teacher says: “I think it happened in third grade, a few weeks ago. A group of girls asked their teacher not to sit next to the boys because they were menstruating and it was Ramadan. The young teacher, a little disconcerted by their request, responded favorably. Then everything was back to normal. However, the pedagogical team intervened so that this kind of thing does not happen again. »
For this professor, there is no need to worry too much: “For me, these are micro-events. We must not see behind that ideological or religious claims. It’s just a way for them to test the authority of the manager like all teenagers do. »

No ideological base?

According to statistics provided by the rectorate, behavioral problems linked to direct or indirect questioning of secularism by students are marginal. They represent only 3.2% of the reports issued by the heads of establishments (attacks on persons and property, etc.). Nevertheless, Mostafa Fourar closely monitors these attempts to undermine the republican principle of secularism: “Even if for several years, the trend has been towards stabilization, we don’t let anything pass. Here, there is a particular sensitivity to these issues, I am referring to the attacks committed in Toulouse and Montauban in 2012. If the facts are serious, the case is directly handled by the Ministry of National Education and may give rise to a judicial inquiry.”

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Radicalization in schools: students leave a class because their teacher makes them listen to a Beatles song

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