PNL finally back at the Accor Arena: we were there!

In 2017, at Booska-Pwe wrote: The QLF galaxy unites like never before “. Five years laterthe subject is still appropriate.

The special tour Two brothers

Tariq and Nabil are back for defend their third studio album : Two brothers. After multiple postponements caused by the pandemic, the PNL tour finally kicked off on May 4 in Lille.

Before setting foot in the capital, the duo passed Dijon, Strasbourg, Toulouse or Nantes, a special date since their bus had an accident a few hours before the show.

A balance sheet is rather reassuring: only a few injuries including RKM, member of the DTF group which provided the first parts of PNL until then. On the go, it was Moha MMZ who was called upon to replace the interpreters of As you wish. Accompanied by his sidekick Lazer, the group MMZ reformed for a few songs, to the delight of the QLFs.

After the accident, it is a internal problem which came to compromise the holding of two dates, in Lyon and Nice. According to several rumors, one of the members of PNL was ill, preventing him from going on stage. The disappointment of the fans made itself felt, on the same level as the fatigue of the young people who were waiting in front of the Halle Tony Garnier from dawn. The two brothers apologized via a post in storypromising a postponement of the two concerts.

Two first parts for the price of one

The Parisians feared a cancellation of the dates at theAccor Arena, but luckily, the NLP magic did indeed operate this Monday, May 23. In the pit, two camps are split: the fans who have been waiting under the raindrops in the queue since the beginning of the morning and the others. Those who hastened to leave school or work to join the Parc de Bercy and slip into the queue. On the site of theAccor Arena, doors are scheduled to open at 6 p.m., the start of the show at 7:15 p.m.. The first step is to find your tickets two years later, hidden in the bowels of our mailboxes. We finally enter the room. Moha MMZ arrives on stage, followed by Lazer. Lately more focused on their respective solo projects, the two friends are doing resonate their old songs in an almost empty room, which tries to sing the refrains of the most famous titles. Following a latency period – during which the pit was clearly filled – it was DTF who took the stage to the notes of their hit Me Gusta. The fans sing – quite difficultly – the lyrics of the following songs despite the goodwill of RTI and RKM who ensures the show on crutches. The duo closes their performance with an exclusive sound from the next album, just finished and leaves behind a wait that seems endless for the public. After several boos due to the expectation of Ademo and NOS, the show is finally ready to start, with forty minutes late.

Here is Paris!

The room goes dark, the screens light up and the visual of the two brothers comes alive at the same time as the cries of the fans. Tarik and Nabil arrive on the title track of their third album. Smile on the lips, joint in the mouth, PNL displays the joy of performing on Parisian soil. Here it is? The slogan of the Parisian team resounds in the voice of the two rappers, who make their audience understand the importance of these dates for them. Tonight, PNL is playing at home and intends to put stars in the eyes of the fans.

The scenography of the show is quite simplebut still worked with precision : animations on the screens between the stage and the middle of the room, where adorns a structure around which Ademo and NOS perform the time of several pieces. One of the added values ​​of the scenography lies in the suspended transparent platforms which offer an unstoppable view of the two brothers, both for the pit and for the public in the stands. Each on one side, the duo does not hesitate to play with his fans and greet them as they pass.

Ademo wandered around and satisfied the public several dance steps on blankaOUR, meanwhile, got wild on Threatensone of the highlights of the concert, where the spectators drew together all their energy to chant with Nabil the famous: ” Tonight I’m in the city in Miami… “.

We will not forget the famous passage from Until the last gramwhich marked their show in 2017. This year, PNL has left the microphone to the public to perform the chorus of NOS, one of the band’s classics. In the continuity of its first Bercy, the duo of Tarterêts (91) wanted to reproduce the concept video games broadcast on the big screen. This time, the duo is reproduced in digital version in 3D, in the middle of the screen. Animations scroll through several tracks like Shen Mue or Kuta Ubud. One of the mysteries of the show is placed at the level of the message which comes to interrupt the piece Hasta La Vista. A male voice is heard saying: Free, you are free, take this chance to love your family and friends. Be happy and generous, because you will only feel better for it. The air is purer when you are free. Enjoy and be happy. According to several fan theories, these are words spoken by the father of NLPRene Andrieu.

Two hours of frenzied show then passed. NLP leaves the stage abruptly at the end of their last title, Offline. The first Parisian date is coming to an end and leaves without hesitation happy memories at the duocarried by an audience which, it must be admitted, is one of the most devoted to its artists. The QLF community participates in the energy of the concert, through its involvement and its attachment to PNL.

One of the disappointments of the fans is at the level of the concert setlistmuch of it focused on the album Two brothers. If early fans were waiting for titles like I live I screw or On Panama, other spectators regretted the absence of certain classics of the group, such as Naha or Bene. For the most nostalgic, the concert performed to defend the album In the legend can be found on netflix in entirety.

PNL performed on Tuesday and will perform again on Thursday and Friday, to close these Parisian dates. Since the start of the tour, fans have been speculating about an announcement pronounced on the evening of the last date. A title ? An album ? A clip ? Nothing is certain, but the enthusiasm is there and we will be there.

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PNL finally back at the Accor Arena: we were there!

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