PHOTO – Valérie Pécresse in heaven: her “magic moment” with a famous singer! – Gala

A real groupie. This Thursday, October 6, Valérie Pécresse attended the concert of the singer Raphaël, during the inauguration of the dome of the Lycée Henry IV. A musical parenthesis that the politician took care to share with her many subscribers to her Instagram account.

Music soothes the soul. Referred by a preliminary investigation for embezzlement of public fundsduring her last presidential campaign, Valérie Pécresse decided to offer herself a musical parenthesis. After having inaugurated the dome of the Lycée Henry IV, this Thursday, October 6, the president of the Île-de-France region has assisted at the concert of the singer Raphaël. A privileged moment spent with this former student of this school that the politician made a point of sharing to his Instagram followers. To do this, the former budget minister posted a photo of this acoustic show on which Internet users were able to discover her with a serene and smiling face while the husband of Melanie Thierry pushes the ditty behind his piano.

It didn’t take more for Valérie Pécresse can be on her little cloud, as evidenced by the caption accompanying this new post. “Presiding over the Île-de-France Region is both demanding and exciting”, she wrote happy to be able to take on such a function. And to continue: “So when you can combine business with pleasure, you have to know how to take advantage of it.” And listening to the soft voice of the 46-year-old artist, the mother of the family seems to be literally won over by her talent. How lucky to be able to listen to Raphaël (…) When creation and heritage come together, it’s always a great evening”, she concluded.

© Instagram story screenshot Valérie PécresseThursday, October 6, Valérie Pécresse attended the concert of the singer Raphaël.

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Valérie Pécresse plays Influencers on Instagram

If she likes to share the smallest moments of her daily life on her Instagram account, Valérie Pécresse also likes carry out small surveys with its many subscribers. Not knowing what blazer put on, the 55-year-old politician asked her followers to help her choose. Since then, Internet users were able to decide between the pink, red, navy blue and white jacket. A story that strangely resembles the one that fashion influencers have fun sharing. And during this ephemeral publication, Valérie Pécresse has not forgotten to carry the flags of her party, created in 2008. Indeed. To accompany this little survey, she added the title Free of singer Angela. Hyper active on social media Valérie Pécresse risks becoming the main competitor of Bruno the Mayorconsidered as the champion” selfies on the Web.

Photo credits: Federico Pestellini / Panoramic / Bestimage

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PHOTO – Valérie Pécresse in heaven: her “magic moment” with a famous singer! – Gala

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