Phil Barney: the little boy on the cover of his tube A child of you has become very famous! – Here is

A child of you by Phil Barney is part of France’s collective musical memory. The title sold more than 500,000 copies and was close to the top of the Top 50 for nearly 7 months. We think we know everything about the title, but one thing has escaped the sagacity of the public. The little boy on the cover of the 45 rpm has become ultra-famous. But who is it?

In September 1987 a song shattered the hearts of the French people. A child of you, played by Phil Barney, tells the story of a man on the verge of becoming a father. It tells of the couple’s hopes, their love and the drama that suddenly breaks him. The delivery takes place tragically and the mother dies giving birth to a little boy named Jason. 10 years after the tragedy, the unfortunate dad speaks to his dear and tender, giving him news of their child…

Immediately the 45 turns knows a huge success, selling 500,000 copies. He stays at the top of the Top 50 for 23 weeks… And the title saw a second life when in 2002, the singer took it over in duet with Marlène Duvala contestant of the second season of Loft Story. “There was an insert in the Billboard. It’s the first time in music history that a song 10 years apart has made it back to the Top 5. The first time I was third and the second time I was number 1.”had explained Phil Barney guest on the set of It’s up to you last May.

Little man will become big

In the past, the singer had already mentioned the genesis of the song which is not the fruit of his personal experience, but of his imagination. “I have absolutely no idea why, how, why I wrote this song? I was living a story that never ended. I imagined this story and I wrote it in ten minutes on a corner of the table. Lyrics and music ” he had explained.

What he never disclosed, however, was the identity of the little boy that we see running behind him, on the cover of the 45 rpm. It is not, as one might have imagined, his own son Keenan – the latter had not yet been born when the idea of ​​a child of you was born – but the little man is now known to the general public. “He was my producer’s son. He’s Yodelice [Maxim Nucci de son vrai nom, ndlr] in fact, who became a great guitarist. He opened the Clapton concerts. It was extraordinary. Back then, he didn’t know the four-beat measure, and now he became a great musician. A lovely boy” he amused himself. The least we can say is that the boy – Jenifer’s ex-boyfriend and father of his eldest son Aaron – has indeed paved his way, notably winning a Music Victory in the category Revelation album of the year in 2010 and composing several songs from the albums Never Alone, Stay Alive, Where Of love of Johnny Hallyday. The one who now lives a cloudless happiness with sports journalist Isabelle Ithurburu and of their daughter, Mia has an undeniably happier destiny than her fictional dad…

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Phil Barney: the little boy on the cover of his tube A child of you has become very famous! – Here is

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