Patrick Bruel “suffers” from the same illness as Florent Pagny – He confirms a joyful news

Patrick Bruel was talked about after being the victim of the evil that Florent Pagny, who has been fighting lung cancer for a few months. And this time, it is for encouraging news that he confirms himself.

The magazine Ici Paris recently claimed that the singer suffered from the same illness as his friend Florent Pagny.

“He is tired, says it, and still cannot estimate the gravity of the evil nor its consequences”, added Ici Paris.

The evil to which reference was made in the interior pages is not cancer, which Florent Pagny would be about to overcome, but “the rumor”.

“It’s an insidious disease that does damage, pushes couples to divorce, confuses friends, condemns innocent people,” commented the weekly about the rumour.

Patrick Bruel was particularly annoyed that the magazine Public said he would have received a million euros to replace Florent Pagny in The Voice on TF1.

His fear was to be perceived as a person who took advantage of the delicate situation of a longtime friend to enrich himself. He had set the record straight in a virulent way on his Twitter page, and had subsequently hammered his point on a radio show. He is not joining The Voice, which has also been confirmed by production.

But this time, Patrick Bruel confirms another happy news. He will participate in Star Academy, which is making a comeback on TF1, with Nikos Aliagas at the presentation.

The father of two children has agreed to come to a premium in November 2022.
“I’ll go ! I’ll be there in November, I don’t know which week, maybe the 19th or the 26th, but I’ll go. I will be very happy to find this atmosphere, I love it! “, he confirmed to Guillaume Genton at the microphone of the program Morning without filter, on Virgin radio this October 13, 2022.

“All these programs which tend to unearth talents are extraordinary, he assures. Me, it touches me a lot to go back. I had the chance to sing with great artists, I have Grégory Lemarchal in mind. It had been a memorable duet. And then Quentin Mosimann, I had sung with him for his final and I find him today on my album”.

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Patrick Bruel “suffers” from the same illness as Florent Pagny – He confirms a joyful news

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