Ozzy Osbourne describes how Metallica behaved on tour and says he thought they were making fun of him

Ozzy Osbourne is probably the greatest legend of the Metal still alive. He practically started the movement with Black Sabbath and continued to advance in his solo career thereafter.

The Prince of Darkness has spent his entire life on the road, and he’s shared the stage with many artists, including the legends of Metallica.

Osbourne took Metallica on tour in 1986, and apparently the mood was pretty good, although the singer at one point thought the four bandmates were making fun of him.

In a new interview for Metal Hammer, recently published on LouderSound.comOsbourne mentions that he thought the members of Metallica were “kicking his ass” listening to Black Sabbath songs.

At the time, Osbourne was promoting his fourth solo album, The Ultimate Sin, and Metallica was supporting his concerts, while promoting the (future) cult album Master Of Puppets.

When asked how he first heard of Metallica, Osbourne replied: “Everyone used to stay at the Sunset Marquis in LA, so I met them there. Soon after, they went on tour with us.”

He explained : “People loved them. They gained a huge amount of fans which helped them take off. They were all nice guys, so I was happy when my old bassist [Rob Trujillo] ended up playing with them.”

Osbourne went on to say that he thought the four young musicians were “kidding his ass” while listening to Black Sabbath in their dressing room: “They were opening the show. I remember I was walking past the dressing room and they were listening to Black Sabbath – I didn’t know they were big fans, I thought they were kidding me!”

Although both Osbourne and Metallica had a reputation for partying (especially in the 80s), the craziest incident of the tour apparently had to do with James Hetfield, who repeatedly broke his arm in skateboarding: “They were just a great bunch of guys! The craziest thing that happened with them was James having to break his arm three fucking times on this tour while skateboarding.”

When asked if he saw right away that Metallica was destined to become a big band, Osbourne replied: “Absolutely, it showed in the way the public reacted every night. You know, they were a great band – I remember it all really took off when they released the Black Album, especially with Enter Sandman.”

Also, last month, Ozzy Osbourne has revealed he’s finished his new album and is “very happy” with it.

This project reunites Osbourne with producer Andrew Watt (Post Malone, Miley Cyrus), with whom he previously worked on Ordinary Man in 2020.

In addition to Watt’s playing, this album will also feature a cavalcade of guest musicians, including performances from the drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith, Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo and Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan.

We will also find Tony Iommi, former comrade of Osbourne within the group Black Sabbath, and Zakk Wylde, regular collaborator.

Eric Clapton, Jeff BeckJosh Man Queens Of The Stone Age and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam also recorded special performances for this opus.

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Ozzy Osbourne describes how Metallica behaved on tour and says he thought they were making fun of him

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