Outing – Songs and laughter… Join the sailors at the Fête du port d’Orléans, all weekend long

The quays of the Johannine city, dazzlingly white, pass before the eyes of freshwater sailors. The waves are sparkling, a touch of breeze makes the heat bearable, aboard the Compagnons chalandiers barrel from Orleans.

“The first time I sail on the Loire”

“It’s the first time I’ve sailed on the Loire. It’s really cool that you do free rides like that.”

Nico (30 years old from Orleans)

He multiplies the questions to the co-captain Pascal, who is happy to introduce him to the river world. The name and the function of yesteryear of the boats; the usefulness (and degradation) of the products; why the platform cobblestones are placed irregularly (“It’s not convenient for walking, but it was much more efficient in unloading the wine barrels“).

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Francis, the other co-captain, steers towards the sandbanks at the foot of the harbor master’s office, on the Fort-Alleaume quay. The ride is over, but other passengers will board this weekend.

Spectacular: six boats from the port of Orléans torn from the Loire, in less than two hours

Songs and laughter

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On the floor above, at the harbor master’s office, the atmosphere is certainly less serene. And excessively festive. Many sailors from the Loiret are at the rendezvous, at the Festival of the port of the Compagnons chalandiersthis weekend of June 18 and 19.

In total, five music groups responded to the invitation, and animate this corner of the quay during these two days. Mariners first: the Fis d’Galarne, the Copains d’sabord, Port starboard, Ajoupa trio. And then Bagad Ster Glaz and its Breton music.

Rock concert this Saturday night

As a bonus, this Saturday, “around 10:30 p.m., approximately”, the rock group Maud’tête will offer a rock concert.

“We mostly have friends and other sailors. The heat dissuaded a lot of people from coming. But we hope to receive more people this evening and tomorrow”, explains the president of the Compagnons chalandiers, Patrick Valluy. Whose association has, with the support of the Copains d’sabord, organized this “mini-festival of the Loire”.

Music then, and free navigation. This party is also the opportunity to eat oysters, pancakes, grilled meats (and mussels and fries this Saturday evening only).

Or, at the Au fil de l’eau stand, to discover excursions and entertainment on foot, by bike or on the water around the “three major rivers of the department: the Loire, the Canal d’Orléans and the Canal de Briare”.

While waiting for the real festival, in a year and a half, it’s time to embark!

I go

The Port Festival continues this Saturday, June 18 until midnight, or even beyond, on the Quai du Fort-Alleaume in Orléans. Then this Sunday, June 19 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free access.

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Outing – Songs and laughter… Join the sailors at the Fête du port d’Orléans, all weekend long

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