Nolwenn Leroy and Louane – An unexpected spade by Françoise Hardy

Nolwenn Leroy or even Jenifer, Louane, as well as the other singers are targeted for Françoise Hardy, who does not seem to carry them in her heart. They would lack vocal identity. Only Juliette Armanet and Clara Luciani find favor in her eyes.

Her little salvo, the star wears it in the book “All for music”, signed by Chloé Thibaud, and whose release is scheduled for October 20 at Hugo editions.

“What interests me in a song […], it is the depth and beauty of the emotion it arouses. This goes through the quality of the melody, which must be timeless, as many songs by Trenet, Mireille, Aznavour, Brassens, Bécaud, Barbara, Michel Berger, Véronique Sanson, Julien Clerc, Laurent Voulzy and so many others are timeless. , she confides, specifying that these singers the public will hear them until the end of time, unlike rappers.

The young generation of singers, including Louane, Jenifer, or even Nolwenn Leroy take it for their rank. They wouldn’t have a vocal identity.

“Currently, contrary to the time of the sixties, there is a plethora of new young singers, not zero at all but without any vocal or musical identity, and those who emerge the most and from afar – Juliette Armanet and Clara Luciani – are known for a little longer, and last because they have a real artistic identity, in other words a great talent as a melodist and a personal style”, indicated the one who is currently battling cancer.

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Nolwenn Leroy and Louane – An unexpected spade by Françoise Hardy

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