Music: when Joey Starr says “gem” and offers himself to Narbonnaise Jade Kohler

It is a stone that encourages you to know yourself better to become the best version of yourself, the most sincere and the most authentic. Her name is Jade. To believe that the first name of the Narbonne singer Jade Kohler predestined her to express herself, in music, without taboos or artifice. On November 1, she will release a clip that prefigures the release of her mini-album, scheduled for January.

It was with a final cigarette that one of the romantic idylls of the singer from Narbonne (where she was born in 1986) Jade Kohler ended. This last cigarette with the being, perhaps, still loved, inspired a song to him. Love to Ashes, The Last Cigarette. Georges Sand believed that“To love without being loved is to want to light an already extinguished cigarette…” When love withers, when it no longer has the oxygen it needs to ignite the soul and the heart, you might as well crush the cigarette butt at the bottom of the ashtray. And go away.

This is what Jade Kohler does in the clip which will be unveiled on November 1 on the social networks and video platforms. And for this “musical mini-short”, she benefits from the friendly and gracious participation of a very high-flying singer-actor, in the person of Joey Starr. “With Joey Starr, it’s a story of friendship that was tied on social networks. He started following me online, we talked about music and a lot of other things. And we became close over time. When I told him about my clip project, the pitch and the fact that I only needed the actor to accompany me, he replied: I am an actor, me. adventure was launchedsays Jade.

A clip with Joey Starr online November 1

The video was recorded in a pretty pavilion in the Toulouse region. Touch all, Jade Kohler for once spared himself the constraints of production and entrusted it to a company in the Ville Rose, Pics Prod. Two days were enough to give birth to this Last Cigarette, filmed behind closed doors in a bedroom. It is the story of a separation. One of Jade’s favorite themes. We say “break” to trivially qualify the separations. Well, it is her own breaks that the songwriter strives to repair through her writings and melodies. She admits to “exploiting her wounds”, those of a complicated childhood in Toulouse, those of more or less stormy or happy sentimental relationships, of a life, although she was very young, which spared her neither the beatings, nor the torments and even less of getting lost on side roads that it is sometimes better to avoid. “I have no taboos about my past and present life, whether it’s my relationships with my parents, men, my sexual appetite, etc. I work on instinct and honesty”she says.

No “comfort zone”

The comfort zone Jade Kohler breaks free from it. She, who could have continued her career as a facilitator in early childhood which led her to a position as assistant director of a structure, chose other paths. That of video (she runs an audiovisual production company) and that of her own inspirations. Self-taught in music, she composes the melodies that inspire her lyrics. And if the first “mini-album” to be released in mid-January explores wounds and sentimental experiences, the second planned for the spring, which is taking shape with Thomas Monica, a musician discovered by -M- and Vanessa Paradis, will be more “radiophonic and less immersive in (his) intimacy”. More “festive”, then.

Mini-album (EP) mid-January

The fact remains that the six titles of the first EP, entitled Dernier Cigarette and of which one title “Summer Heat” is already on the platforms, produced with Bruno Mylonas, musician and sound engineer, will deserve an attentive ear. Jade Kohler is not a voice singer. She whispers, almost whispers, the labyrinth of her moods. François Hardy, one of her references, doesn’t she have the talent to confide all of her thoughts and feelings quietly? Musical protée, Jade Kohler is unclassifiable. Photogenic, she has made social networks her allies. This is how she was spotted to participate in the soundtrack of the film “Pretty Flowers” with Gérard Lanvin in which she makes a musical appearance… She crosses her fingers so that the beautiful adventure continues or to be able to write for others.

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Music: when Joey Starr says “gem” and offers himself to Narbonnaise Jade Kohler

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