Michou and Inoxtag fight against the fighter GregMMA and fall KO! (Video)

Youtubers Inoxtag and Michou are embarking on new challenges! They decided to face former fighter GregMMA!

To amuse their subscribers, Michou and Inoxtag continue to reinvent themselves. They have just decided to face the fighter GregMMA! A moment full of laughter… and defeats!

A slack for Michou?

Lately, Michou is developing in all possible activities. It seems that he is slightly tired of Youtube.

He even pushed a rant against his work platform, namely Youtube : “ I’m tired of the business behind it Youtube, I didn’t imagine how at a certain level, you find yourself having to manage things that are beyond you. We do this because it’s basically fun. But people greedy for money have to come back to this environment”.

Facing the inquestions from his fans, Michou therefore added : “ It does not concern my surroundings. There is a glitch in the middle of YouTube. There are people who know nothing about the platform. YouTube at the moment, it brings in money, it’s a bit like the new generation thing, it brings in money. Shouldn’t we go and see them?’ And the people, what are they doing?’ » They create agencies that are borderline scams. »

Michou is without filter : “ In the end, I don’t even have 50% of what the brand paid for. It’s not normal. I’m not doing the tweet at all to complain, precisely. JI want to make things happen, I want things to change and stop happening like that. In this environment, there are not many people on whom you can really count 100%.

Michou reassures his fans by adding that his friendship with Inoxtag will never change : ” There is Stainless steel with whom that will never change. But imagine tomorrow, I have no more subscribers. And I don’t do more views. Really, who is going to want to shoot videos with me? ‘”.

So the Youtuber reinvents himself with his friend Inoxtag

A little slack that won’t last since it can’trd no time to explore other mediums. Besides, he unveiled a great clip on his Instagram account. “Thank you all for your feedback on my new music video” never let go “. Two years without making any sound, I was super stressed to get one out for you. But in the end, you have delighted me once again! I’m super proud of the final rendering of the clip. As you can see in the photos, I gave it my all”.

Michou worked a lot on chorea.

But that’s not all ! He also embarked on combat sports with his friend Inoxtag. The two Youtubers therefore faced the former MMA fighter, Greg Bouchelaghem.

A moment that made them laugh subscribers because Greg gives them the mash . ” It’s not against you [Greg]but if I had known that we were going to fight, I would not have come »therefore entrusted Michou to Inoxtag. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Greg then replies.

But no one managed to subdue the veteran. But Inoxtag and Michou did not let go ! They even wanted to do a bonus event And as you can see on the video, this one turns into a fiasco…

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Michou and Inoxtag fight against the fighter GregMMA and fall KO! (Video)

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