Martinican singer Maurane Voyer takes the stage for the first time in Paris for an unprecedented concert – Outre-mer la 1ère

After her album “Bazar” released in 2020, the Martinican singer is back with a second album entitled “BBW”. For the first time, Maurane Voyer performed in Paris this Friday, January 13, and her audience was there.

In a subdued atmosphere, with muted lights, the prestigious room of the New Morning, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, is immersed in the Afro-Caribbean music of Maurane Voyer. At 27, the Martiniquaise goes up for the very first time on a Parisian stage. “I can’t wait, I’m in a hurry!”writes Maurane Voyer with a smile.

The singer of Sentimantal, Burned yo everything and Blankie returns with a second album named BBW, an acronym for “Big Beautiful Woman”. Maurane Voyer begins her tour, the BBW Tour, with a packed house: “The room is sold out [le concert est à guichets fermés, NDLR], which represents 500 people I believe. I did not expect it, I was very surprised and happy.”

A long way has been traveled by the Martinican artist. To build her album, the Martiniquaise describes having made a “introspection” who led her to a “self-acceptance”. “It’s a journey that I’ve been following for a long time. This album is the speech of a plump woman, who assumes herself and who, like all other women, has lots of opinions, problems, questions about life. “explains the singer.

And when asked if she is engaged, Maurane Voyer refuses the qualifier. For her, it’s more about the expression of a feeling and an affirmation of her personality.

The young woman is not alone in this musical project, her record has several titles with artists from the Antilles-Guyana: the Martinican rapper W.Bricks, the Guyanese Bamby and also her cousin Meryl.

Each collaboration was made by feeling. These are just artists with whom I have a great vibe [énergie, NDLR] and crushes.

Combined circumstances, the duet with the singer Bamby was not “not planned at all” says Maurane. But it’s because the two young women found each other “same place, same time” that the title could be achieved.

It was also important to the artist to pay tribute to Martinique, with the title Small island. “That’s what I wanted to say to my island, to my people. It’s a tribute in the continuity of the song Burned yo everythingbut more poetic” she describes.

Surrounded by her two singers and her musicians, Maurane is confident. Vocalizations, instrument settings, balance of voices, rehearsals go smoothly for the singer.

Maurane sang the main titles of her new album: BBW of course, but also a dance-hall medley and the song Wow accompanied on stage by Martinican rapper W.Bricks.

Rehearsals for Maurane Voyer’s concert at the New Morning. On stage with her, Martinican rapper W.Bricks

In the room, her mother is also present to support her: “It’s quite impressive that it’s complete. I’m reassured, anyway I’m convinced that she’s an excellent artist, it’s not because she’s my daughter”says Danielle René-Corail, also known as the singer of the group Taxi Kréol in Martinique.

“This is the real tour. This is the culmination of our work, evokes his producer and synthesizer Joël Jaccoulet, who has followed the artist since his beginnings. Maurane has matured and her audience has also grown.”

Outside, fans begin to gather on the sidewalk. In the line, Marina does not hide her enthusiasm: “I’m expecting something super hot. We’ve been waiting for this for a while, can’t wait!”this 41-year-old Guadeloupean is bubbling with impatience.

Same for Élodie, a 23-year-old Martiniquan: “I’m waiting to see how Maurane is a queen [reine, NDLR]. I want to receive all his energy!” In a few minutes, the entrance to the New Morning is invaded by the public.

Maurane Voyer’s tour has only just begun: she will soon be in Martinique on February 15, and in Guadeloupe on February 18. “There may be a date in Guyana”, adds the singer. And for those who missed the pearl of Afro-love in Paris, it already has a new date: December 10, 2023 at La Cigale.

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Martinican singer Maurane Voyer takes the stage for the first time in Paris for an unprecedented concert – Outre-mer la 1ère

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