Madonna: her Instagram live is cut short, the star is censored and banned!

Madonna is still a true icon of music today. An unrivaled and unrivaled star, she continues to create and deliver never-before-seen content to her fans around the world. To do this, she understood that despite her 63 years, social networks would be her allies. Indeed, it is not in Madonna that we will have to hope to learn how to manage her career, how to innovate or how to work on her image and convey it. She is one of the artists who has pushed this notion of representation of the artist the furthest. Literally embodying different characters depending on the albums she offers to her audience.

But we have to believe that social networks have not only been powerful allies for the star. They were also able to put a spoke in his wheels. Indeed, Madonna was able to make the finding at her expense on May 19. Since trying to launch a live, she was banned. A message from Instagram appeared stating that his account was blocked for this feature… Objeko clear up this matter with you.

Madonna banned from Instagram?

That the readers ofObjeko and Madonna fans are reassured, the star is still present on the Web. The singer’s Instagram account has not been deleted or completely blocked by the platform. Indeed, it can continue to share publications with its 18 million subscribers. Whether photos or videos elsewhere. On the other hand, she was not able to start a live like so many other artists do to chat live with their fans. So why would Madonna be deprived of this feature?

Some of his fans may already have some answers. Indeed, the editorial staff will not tell you that Madonna has been very criticized lately. First about his appearance physical, judged for having abused cosmetic surgery. But you will agree that such a judgment has nothing to do with his right to use all the features of his Instagram account. After all, she does what she wants with her money and her body, like everyone else. If his popularity exposes him to public judgment, this does not justify that these judgments are legitimate or that they must have an impact on the career of the star.

However, the judgments of some of his fans go further than considerations aesthetic. Especially when they focus on the publications that Madonna can make on her social networks. For a few months now, it is indeed not uncommon for several thousand Internet users to question the mental health of the star. As our readers know, provocation is not a mode of operation that is foreign to Madonna. And it can therefore happen to him to offer explosive content to his fans.

Content too shocking for Internet users?

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Madonna, for example, released a confusing tribute. She submitted a video montage in which she had the letter “X” and the word “mom” tattooed in red ink on her wrist just below. According to her, it was a way of bleeding for her mother as her mother had bled for her while giving birth to her. Obviously, this image and the symbols it conveyed could not leave Madonna’s audience indifferent. And Objeko assure you that it was not yet the most confusing publications of the diva.

It is then perhaps in a context of prevention that Madonna is prohibited from live. Indeed, when too sensitive content is found in the artist’s publications, it can be masked according to the sensitivities of the users. While live, it is impossible to adapt the content according to all spectator profiles. Especially since Madonna is one of the biggest stars on the platform, that goes without saying. This is therefore one of the reasons which could explain why the singer found herself prohibited live this May 19th. But it’s only an hypothesis.

Moreover, it would be very likely that our hypothesis will be quickly swept away since Madonna and her teams were outraged by this ban. The star was simply speechless. There should therefore be no doubt that the main parties concerned will quickly work to solve this problem.

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Madonna: her Instagram live is cut short, the star is censored and banned!

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