Louane (The Voice Kids 2022): The singer enters the big leagues, all the details revealed!

In ten years of career, Louane grew in notoriety. She has succeeded in her life as a singer and actress. What remains for him to accomplish?

Right in the middle of her 25th year, Louane exudes youthfulness. His musical career, however, seems accomplished. Her life as an actress is also successful for her.

On the web, fans are fond of crisp details on his evolution and his life in general. Sometimes speculation is rife.

Louane has an extensive artistic career

Since his appearance on the stage of The Voice in 2013, Louane has grown well. His career began in 2015 with the release of a first album entitled Chambre 12. Totaling a sale of 1,000,000 copies, this opus allowed him to win a double diamond disc as well as a consecration to the “Victoire music” in 2016.

In two non-consecutive weeks, Chambre 12 has risen to the top of the best sellers in France. In addition, the first single “Day 1” is a great success with the public. Two albums have been added today to Chambre 12: Louane, released in 2017, and Joie de Vivre, released in 2020.

If the song succeeds, his first attempt in the world of movie theater is not a failure either. By playing Paula in the film “La famille Bélier” Louane won the César for Best Female Hope in 2015.

His presence among the judges of The Voice Kids only confirms his star status. Despite her 25 years, Louane has nothing left to prove. She convinced her fans and her peers on her journey.

Louane tries a new adventure with The Voice Kids

For the eighth season of The Voice Kids, Louane is one of the coaches with Patrick Fiori, Kendji Girac and Julien Doré. Although this is a first experience as a judge, it must be said that the singer is in her element. Being herself a former candidate of The Voice, she knows the universe of this competition.

Due to her young age and her actions, Louane however receives a lot of criticism from viewers. In addition to his excessive enthusiasm, the public criticizes him for a certain tendency to want to influence the participants. This attitude made itself felt particularly during the blind audition session.

What happened in the contest final, however, was a game-changer. This time, Internet users are tender with the artist, especially vis-à-vis his new look. During this final stage of The Voice Kids, Louane appeared with a square cut. Viewers feel that this hair style gives her a more grown-up look.

Be that as it may, Louane doesn’t seem too affected by the remarks about her person. Unfortunately, the competition ended in defeat for the singer and her family. His foals Sacha and Sanaa lost to Patrick Fiori’s Raynaud, who won the October 8 final. Would Louane still be there for the next season? Case to follow.

Does a new head rhyme with a new project?

When Louane is not recording in the studio, she gives her news from social networks. Each of his publications interests fans. Such was the case the day she announced her illness on Instagram. But it is above all her look that creates the most comments on the web. Indeed, Louane constantly changes her hairstyle and hair color. Among the latest to date, note the coloring in pink and that in blond. Some subscribers even say that behind a new look hides a project in management. As a result, they assume that Louane would currently be about to shoot a film.

A hypothesis that would be explained by a video published recently. Recorded in the studio, the sequence shows the singer-actress with a bangs hairstyle and a headband. In addition, the post is accompanied by a few shots in which Louane wears a black dress and is carefully made up. According to netizens, it is a hair and dress style that goes out of its usual look. So many reasons that make them think of an excerpt from filming. While waiting for confirmation from Louane, his audience can be reassured about his state of health. After the problem of discomfort she had during a shoot, she says she is better since.

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Louane (The Voice Kids 2022): The singer enters the big leagues, all the details revealed!

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