Lot: Bigflo & Oli in exceptional concert on July 15 in Figeac

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Attention exceptional meeting: to celebrate its 15th anniversary, Ulysse Maison d’artistes program in the middle of summer the concert of Bigflo & Oli on the site of the castle Ceint d’eau in Figeac.

It was in 2007 that Ulysse Production was born in Figeac, before becoming the cultural cooperative “Ulysse maison d’artistes”. For 15 years already, leading its boat as well as possible, and resisting the powers of seduction of many sirens, the structure accompanies its artists, organizes concerts, programs tours and develops numerous projects on French stages. So when – finally – the opportunity arises to organize a major cultural event at home, the Maison d’artistes goes all out.

A real birthday present for the cooperative’s 15th anniversary. The announcement was made not without emotion by Kalagan, founder and leader of Ulysse, proud on behalf of his entire team to reveal the organization of a large outdoor concert at the Château de Ceint d’Eau, Friday July 15 at 20 hours. Exclusively on stage with Big Flo & Oli. “It’s huge, he explains, because since their return, it’s their first scene in Occitania. At the musical level, it will be the event on Figeac. After two years of forced isolation and health constraints, this is an opportunity to meet with our audience, our artists, and allow them to meet together. And doing that at home, where our project has been built for 15 years, is simply exceptional. Already, for our structure it’s great, but to organize this concert in this magnificent and restored setting is great. The big show and heritage will come together, the opportunity to remember that these two acts of the same play are still and more than ever alive”.

The duo came in residence to Figeac ten years ago

For Ulysse Maison d’Artistes, the arrival in Figeac of Big Flo & Oli is also a step back. Few people remember their stay in residence at the chapel of Joan of Arc, ten years ago. Nor even their passage in the first part of Cats on Trees at the Mitterrand space, shortly after. “Yet we’ve worked with them five or six times already,” continues Kalagan. For this great event, we are going to rely on all of our employees, cooperative members and volunteers, but we are appealing to business leaders, such as communities, who would like to join the event. Let them not hesitate to join us”.

A partnership has been established between Ulysse Maison d’artistes and the Partir Federation. Indeed, July 15 is the last day of a summer camp entitled “Prepare your concert”. In this colony, from July 10 to 15, young people will create pieces, words and music, intended to be played in public. And of course, the restitution of their project will be done on stage at Ceint d’Eau, in the first part of the Bigflo & Oli concert.

The opening of the ticket office will begin on Sunday May 29 at 6 p.m., on the internet, via all the usual points of sale. Full price €33 plus rental fees. Reduced (under 18, students and job seekers) €27. For the inhabitants of Grand Figeac, a special operation will take place on Saturday May 28 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 6 rue Clermont, in the premises of Ulysse Maison d’Artistes, with the sale of 400 places at the price of 25 €. The sale will be limited to 4 places per person and on proof of residence.

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Lot: Bigflo & Oli in exceptional concert on July 15 in Figeac

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