Les 2B3: Adel converted into a luxury concierge service in Geneva

The newspaper “Le Temps” has found the ex-member of the famous boy band, who has rebuilt his life in Switzerland after a bad patch and therapy.

By Marc Fourny

Adel Kachermi in 2019.
Adel Kachermi in 2019.

VTwenty-five years after their huge success, what has become of 2Be3, the French boy band that fired up teens in the 1990s? Filip Nikolic, who left us suddenly in September 2009, carried away by an overdose of sleeping pills, and Frank Delay tried a career as actors… As for Adel, he completely changed paths by setting up his own business, far from the spotlight. And for good reason: his new job imposes the greatest reserve on him even though he knew glory and light at a very young age… For eight years now, he has been running a company specializing in luxury concierge services, based in Geneva, which notably rents out private jets to a wealthy clientele, obviously concerned about great confidentiality…

Once is not custom, the ex-singer looks back on his crazy years of youth in everyday life Time, a period that “marked him with a red iron”. So much so that he had to undergo therapy to get out of it. “It was a whirlwind of euphoria, we got involved in our art, we took care of our bodies with dance, we secreted endorphins,” he recalls. A time when the group was in demand everywhere, chained TV shows and concerts, selling up to five million records, before getting tired, running out of steam and ending up breaking up… “We filled grandiose concert halls like Bercy and , at the end of our adventure, we participated in galas at sausage fairs. We were getting a little ridiculous…”

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dark years

Coming back to reality is complicated. Adel Kachermi saw this slump very badly and sank into the galleys: money problems, death of his father, end of his marriage, alcohol, drugs… “When we lose the adrenaline, we look for it elsewhere. I could have chosen sport but, no, I went through excesses, ”he confides to the newspaper today. Time. “The words of the night do not resist the day. I no longer knew who I was. “The former singer says he was forced to begin a period” of weaning from 2Be3 “, specifying that the celebrity remains” a poisoned gift “. No question for him of living today in the past, even if his mother has set up a “museum” at home dedicated to the group and its crazy epic…

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After a stint in events, Adel Kachermi converted to luxury aeronautics by leasing business jets on the French markets. Then creates his own company, specializing in luxury concierge services, and joins forces with an investor in a booming market. At 46, his temples graying, here he is today at the head of Akcess Private Office, a company that offers limousine, yacht, villa and private jet rentals to artists, athletes, businessmen or individuals. Not to mention the craziest requests around events, birthdays, honeymoons, dream vacations or surprises between wealthy friends… Made-to-measure billed at a high price. “Leaving one day, with no return / Reaching out to one’s destiny”, sang the 2Be3 in their phenomenon tube… A turning point that Adel was able to take, but not without pain.

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Les 2B3: Adel converted into a luxury concierge service in Geneva

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