Leisure – What to see at the Zénith de Limoges in 2022-2023?

His 5th album, Aimee, is number 1 in sales and the rooms are full for Julien Doré. His date in Limoges shortly precedes the end of his brilliant tour, on December 9 at the Accor Arena Bercy. The show he presents is magical, with lots of special effects.

Obviously, the solar star sings there the titles of his latest success which make him go from charm singer to singer if not committed, at least concerned. The Fever evokes the heat wave, the environmental issue. La Bise comes back to the prohibition that was made to us to approach each other. Finally, Aimée is the first name of her grandmother, a tribute to a strong woman…

Saturday November 26, 8 p.m., from €37

Angela’s ambiguities

In her latest clip Amour, Haine et danger, Angèle denounces in her own pop style the addiction to smartphones and other screens. Isn’t it she who also invites her fans, mostly teenagers, to come and celebrate the birthday of their star – namely her – on social networks? Ambiguous Angela…

We can see from the comments on the networks following her concerts that some perceive the ambiguity of this “Barbie Rebelle”. And his brother Romeo Elvis has nothing to do with it. On the stage of the Zénith, she will of course sing all her hits and in particular the titles of her second album. ninety-five in a very danced show of which she has the secret.

Wednesday, November 9, 8 p.m., from €39

Florence Foresti: stop drifting!

It’s not a joke, Florence Foresti will be on stage at the Zénith on Saturday April 1 with her show Boy Boy Boy. We can already imagine what this date will be able to inspire him after the traditional “It’s going to Limoges!”

During the Césars, she is able to identify certain constants in the world of cinema, such as beautiful “fifties” who are always escorted by pretty girls who are half the age. The comedian is also able to call for an end to the war of the sexes. In her new show whose title is inspired by the hit of the Italian singer Sabrina, she tackles certain excesses of feminism.

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She also remains faithful to her themes, complexes, motherhood, gaps between generations. The main thing in all this, with her, is to laugh about it.

Saturday April 1, 8 p.m., from €35

– M – evolving

In stores since June 3, Rêvalité is the seventh solo studio album by – M -. It divides the amateurs of the one who hides under the brand – M -, alias Matthieu Chedid. The artist indeed takes a turn there, his style evolves. Some see it as easy, especially in the title In my radio.

Others perceive in it a musician capable of reinventing himself. One thing is certain, the contribution of American bassist and backing vocalist, Gail Ann Dorsey, sidekick to David Bowie and Tears for Fears, adds to the brilliance of the album. There is also the magnificent Fatou Diawara, with whom – M – created unforgettable moments with the group and concert Lamomali. As for the seventh solo opus: it’s up to you.

Friday May 26, 8 p.m., from €35

Impersonator Michaël Gregorio is on the rise

With full houses during his previous tour, the imitator Michaël Gregorio attacks the Zéniths. What could be more fascinating for him than the voice? He leads us into theOdyssey spectacular he created for her

Saturday January 21, 8 p.m., from €39

For the holidays: Patrick Sebastien as Monsieur Loyal

Magicians, acrobats, clowns, acrobats… For the holidays, Patrick Sebastien presents his Biggest Cabaret in the world. The star, Briviste in addition, will be on stage, as Monsieur Loyal, to present the show, produced by more than fifty artists on stage. A show that will delight young and old.

Saturday December 10 8 p.m., Sunday December 11 5 p.m., from €39

Aldebert, everyone loves him!

He is loved by children, parents and grandparents for his songs with soft, playful, rhythmic musicality, always fine and intelligent. Aldebert composes them without forbidding anything and, above all, without forbidding anything to children. In his latest opus Enfantillage 4, he evokes in Grand Voyage the existential questions that torment us from the start in life. “What are we doing here?”. In another, he talks about “double dads”. As for Screens! Give us back our parents, the subject is clear. Tasty !

Friday April 7, 7:30 p.m., from €34, reduced rates for children under 12

Powerful gospel energy

Gospel for 100 voices brings together one hundred singers, musicians and dancers on stage. Together, they transmit the extraordinary and powerful energy of gospel. This show, recently renewed, goes around the world.

Saturday, November 19, 8:30 p.m., from €39

Indestructible Bodin’s: sacred performance

Who can claim to fill the Zénith 3 nights in a row? Les Bodin’s… And God knows that filling a Zenith with 5,000 seats like the one in Limoges is a challenge. This challenge has never scared the Bodin’s who come and go, always for several performances. Few artists realize this performance, fill this room several nights in a row. So here they are again, the Bodin’s, with their Grandeur nature show. Vincent Dubois and Jean-Christian Fraiscinet embody in a remote corner of our companions, Maria a devastating and authoritarian grandmother of 87 springs, and her son Christian is a big simpleton of 50 years old and incurable virgin.

Friday 3 Saturday 4 February 8 p.m. and Sunday 5 February 3 p.m., from €45

A tribute from Queen launches the Zénith season

Queen nostalgics will be spoiled, with no less than three shows to revive their concerts.

One Night of Queen. The “tributes”, rock copies of legendary groups, are in vogue. Whoever pays homage to Queen is stunning. Gary Mullen is the disturbing double of Freddy Mercury, down to the voice! We relive his epic concerts.

Friday October 14 at 8 p.m. from 45 euros

Queen Symphony. Queen’s greatest hits can be found in symphonic concert. The 4 singers and the London rock band “We Will Rock You” are accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

Sunday January 15, 2023 6:00 p.m., from 49 euros

The World Of Queen. This tribute show to Queen and Freddy Mercury also brings back the atmosphere of the group’s greatest shows.

Thursday, November 9, 2023, 8:30 p.m., from €29.50

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Leisure – What to see at the Zénith de Limoges in 2022-2023?

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