Kiss’ Gene Simmons explains why being a “sold” is a good thing

For years, we have been accusing Kiss to be “sold”, because of their many derivative products and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Kiss has always been a “commercial band”, so to speak. They were never there for the love of the art or the music itself, although they probably loved it. They were there for the money, the fame, the glory and emphasized their image and legacy as artists.

One thing is for sure, they never hid it and never pretended to be there for the love of music. Being hypocritical is not something that can be blamed on Gene Simmons and company. The latter has always claimed that making popular music is key, that he has a ton of money, and that the band won’t be making music anymore in part because of the rise of streaming platforms which, he says, killed the industry.

He repeatedly stated that “the Rock died and the fans killed him”, because “if you don’t value music, it doesn’t”.

In a recent interview with Justin Beckner, posted on ultimate-guitar.comSimmons once again shared his views on the music industry.

Asked about the importance of musical integrity and musical knowledge in general, he said: “I don’t have any training, I didn’t go to music school, I didn’t study music theory and basically everyone I know is the same.”

He continued: “Eddie Van Halen was perhaps an exception. I don’t know if Eddie or Alex could read and write music. But it is clear that what they were doing was based on what pleased their ears. If you are a painter, you make paintings, whether you are trained or not, depending on what appeals to your eyes.”

He then explained that, for him, whether an artist decides to make art for himself or for others are two “ethical” choices: “Whether you are a writer, or a painter, or a musician, or a sculptor, you do it either for yourself or for others. If the two come together, and you like what you do, and people like what you do, you’re really happy. But often it is a difficult choice. […] If a guy does everything for other people, even if he hates what he’s doing, in my opinion, that’s just as valid and just as ethical as any other scenario.”

He then drove the point home by making a comparison. He explained that if someone walks into a restaurant with a very good chef, even if the cook doesn’t like spinach, if the customer asks for a spinach soufflé, it will be served. For Simmons, “the cook’s job is to give you exactly what you want, even if he doesn’t like it”. In his mind, making popular music is all about “doing the job”, regardless of whether you like the work or not.

On the other hand, Kiss started their farewell tour in 2019, and after many complications due to the pandemic, it will end in October this year in the United States. Before that, the group will be touring Europe this summer, with several shows in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

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Kiss’ Gene Simmons explains why being a “sold” is a good thing

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