Kendji Girac cries out his love to “the man of his life” with a totally moving video!

Kendji Girac is the proud father of a beautiful little girl. Good news that has greatly moved his fans on social networks. Many of his subscribers did not fail to congratulate him. They commented on the announcement saying that this artist will be an excellent father for his child. And this especially since this famous singer is a person of value who always puts family first. The living proof of this reality is the fabulous statement he made on video for the man of his life during confinement!

Kendji Girac: The discovery of The Voice is a heart to take!

Kendji Girac has always been passionate about music throughout his life. Hence the reason why from an early age, he wanted to evolve in this environment. His first appearance in public was through a video where he interpreted the song by Maitre Gims entitled Bella. In record time, this publication made a huge buzz on social networks! He has then desired rise to a higher stage by participating in The Voice!

Although Kendji Girac was still a minor at the time, his parents agreed to his request to participate in the adventure. Thus, he lived the experience with the unconditional support of the latter. Moreover, the singer stressed during his interviews that he would never have succeeded without his loved ones. For him, family is essential, even more than music. The Voice viewers were amazed upon discovering the beautiful soul of the artist. They like it more because of that!

The confinement was a terrible ordeal for the artist!

Because of his overly sentimental nature, Kendji Girac really experienced the health restrictions badly linked to the Covid 19 pandemic. Like all French citizens, his morale took a hit thinking that he would not be able to see his loved ones again for a long time. Hence the reason why he thought of using social networks to stay in touch with his family and all his fans. In addition, he has taken the trend of posting regular videos to advice everyone to be careful!

At the same time, Kendji Girac accompanied these messages with a few ditties to brighten everyone’s day. For their part, his fans greatly appreciated his intention. Hence the reason why his subscribers eagerly awaited his daily publications during this period. On April 14, 2020, the video swung by this tender-hearted musician touched more than one ! What video is it? We tell you!

Kendji Girac: A man who idolizes his own father can only be a good father in turn!

April 14, 2020 was far from trivial for fans of Kendji Girac. As usual, his subscribers were waiting for his new video of a message of comfort in the face of the health crisis. However, this is a completely different video for the artist to share with his community. In the post, he declares his great love for the man of his life.

Be careful, do not misunderstand this statement before reading the rest because you may be surprised! That day, Kendji Girac filmed his father playing the guitar in his house. In reality, the latter spent confinement with him. He said in comment thathe was proud to spend time with this first man in his life !

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Kendji Girac cries out his love to “the man of his life” with a totally moving video!

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