Kanye West invited by the Los Angeles Holocaust museum after his anti-Semitic remarks

In early October, the rapper, accustomed to controversy, shared several posts deemed anti-Semitic. Words that notably earned him to see his Twitter and Instagram accounts restricted.

After recent comments deemed anti-Semitic by Kanye West on social networks, the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum reacted by inviting the American rapper to visit the cultural establishment.

The goal, “understand how words can incite violence and genocide,” wrote the Holocaust museum in a statement, posted on Instagram.

“Words matter and have consequences Kanye. We urge you to come visit us […] The Holocaust began with simple words that sadly spawned stereotypes, racial and religious tropes and blame-blaming and led to the murder of six million Jews.

Controversial posts

On October 9, Instagram and Twitter restricted the rapper’s accounts after he made comments deemed anti-Semitic. On Instagram, Kanye West had posted screenshots of a conversation with rapper Diddy, who criticized the “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, worn by the artist during Fashion Week in Paris.

In the caption of his now-deleted post, Kanye West wrote: “I will use you as an example to show Jewish people who told you to call me that no one can threaten or influence me.”

Then, on Twitter, the rapper later declared that he was going to attack the Jews. A publication that has since been deleted by the social network for violating the rules of the platform.

“You can make a difference”

Kanye West did not respond to the request from the Holocaust museum. The establishment, which has since reiterated its request for an invitation, nevertheless explains that it has received numerous hate messages and threats from Internet users.

“To those who use this as a platform to continue spreading hate, we have a message for you: you will not discourage us from sharing the story of the Holocaust to commemorate those who were murdered and to educate all those who wish to learn more”, assures the museum on instagram.

While Kanye West is followed by more than 30 million followers on Twitterthe American museum wanted to remind the rapper of the weight of his public interventions and the importance of his visit: “You and everyone who reads this can make a difference. You can choose to join us in building relationships rather than tear them down.”

Accustomed to controversy, Kanye West, who suffers from bipolar disorder, had already been banned from posting on Instagram for 24 hours in March, amid a bitter divorce from reality star Kim Kardashian. In 2020, the 45-year-old artist also created controversy by running for the US presidential election, in which he said he was opposed to abortion and vaccination.

Recently, Kanye West made headlines again for his sudden severance of partnership with Gap and his tense relationship with the Adidas brand, which wants to “reevaluate” its collaboration with the rapper.

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Kanye West invited by the Los Angeles Holocaust museum after his anti-Semitic remarks

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