Jungkook (BTS): “There are a lot of contradictions in my character”

Jungkook recently answered questions from Weverse Magazine.

Weverse’s official magazine recently conducted a series of interviews with the members of BTS in connection with the release of the group’s new album.

After Jin, it was Jungkook who did the same. Selected pieces.

You were even singing when you came for the interview. I’ve seen you sing a few times, actually. What does singing mean to you?

Jungkook: “Um… As far as singing goes, I want my name to become shorthand for it. A shortcut to singing. I want to get a lot of recognition and I hope I can hear my own singing and think, Wow, I’m really, really good. In other words, I want to be able to sing really well and feel comfortable doing it. I can’t feel that every time I sing, but… I just wanna be good. Now that I’m a singer and I’ve appeared on so many different stages, there are times when I do such a good job up there it gives me goosebumps, and with these experiences piling up, I keep thinking how liberating and fun it would be to get on stage and be able to sing the perfect song? Completely carefree, just like in my imagination.”

How did you feel about the recent gigs, in that sense?

Jungkook: “I did the first two shows in Las Vegas and worked on my voice a little more the next day and I thought, why don’t I try to sing like this? Then pn did the third and fourth shows. I felt really good for the second and fourth shows. And I had a lot of stamina and my throat was fine up to and including the second gig. I was starting to lose stamina by the fourth show, but my throat was still fine. It was difficult because I felt like I couldn’t warm up my voice after having COVID-19. So I was really worried about the second gig, but I felt like I got over that, which made me happy, and it was really fun. Before the fourth gig, I did vocal training which gave me some ideas on how to approach things. And, you know, knowing what to focus on makes a big difference. Even though it was a bit physically demanding, the performance gave me confidence when I realized, when I did a certain song, I felt a little more comfortable knowing what was going to happen to for sure, even though it was tiring, and I thought it would be better to train in a certain way from there. It was really fun at the end.”

Maybe it was your way of finding your place to perform.

Jungkook: “It was awkward to perform at the first concert, but I also fell back into the rhythm as the performance progressed. I understood after the concert that I really liked doing the show. I loved finally being able to perform again and I want to keep doing it.”

How do you feel when you think to yourself, “that’s good enough”, or “I’ve improved”?

Jungkook: “Enough is never enough, but I feel good during English class when the teacher asks me vocabulary words that I have memorized and can answer right away. It’s as if I had really memorized it! For singing, there are times when everything is going well. And there are times when it’s easy, that is to say when I say to myself: it’s thanks to everything I’ve practiced, isn’t it? I wish it was like this every day. (Laughs)”

Most of the time you were speaking to the audience at the concert in Las Vegas, you were speaking in English. It is also the result of hard work.

Jungkook: “I’m grateful when other people see this and tell me I’ve really improved or that I’m good, but I never think I’m good when I think about it myself. I think what I said in English sounded better to people than they expected. Because I made no mistake. But I really don’t think there’s anything to be proud of. If I was able to conduct the whole concert in English like that without a teleprompter, I’d say I’ve improved a lot, but I’m not there yet. I still have a long way to go when I think about it, and I actually still want to be able to say everything I said easily and without any difficulty as soon as possible. When I say I did well, that’s just how I felt at the time. But after that? I have to be better. Rapidly. Quick quick quick. (Laughs)”

Isn’t that less laziness and more investment in your work? (Laughs)

Jungkook: “I wish it wasn’t like this usually. (Laughs) It’s not like I only do things when I find them fun – I have fun and like to learn things when I finally get to do them – but I feel irritated whenever I have to do something and I don’t want to do it until I start. (laughs) I think that’s why I only do things that help me be a better singer at the moment. If I was trying to learn an instrument right now, I don’t think I would feel confident right away, but I would still try to learn the drums if I wanted to. And dancing helps me when I’m on stage. You listen to music when you dance, which is useful too, I think. And boxing is useful for getting stronger, plus it’s fun. I chose it because it’s the most fun exercise. Reading books and practicing is because I have to write lyrics. The same goes for English: I don’t know what will happen in the future, but if I have to speak in English or do an interview, I could use it then, and I can also use it. use to write lyrics. I feel like they all come from the singing profession.”

You already do so much as a member of BTS. What drives you to try all these novelties?

Jungkook: “Because in the end, I want it. I want to see myself being able to do all of these things. I think there are a lot of contradictions in my character. And maybe it’s a bit of a matter of pride? There are times when I see someone doing something and I think: if he can do it, why can’t I? And if I see someone really cool doing something, sometimes that’s the motivation I need to start.”

I think the type of people you surround yourself with is very important, whether you’re working together or just talking.

Jungkook: “I agree. I agree. I don’t think I can motivate myself to do much without the help of others.”

The other members must have a great influence on you.

Jungkook: “A very big influence. Just seeing others release their mixtapes makes me think: When should I make one? There must be something I have that I can prove.”

That’s where your proof would come from, more than winning a Grammy.

Jungkook: “I think our status is there whether we win a Grammy or not. Was it just, I don’t know, a good experience? It made me realize that although I know winning the Grammy Award is a huge deal, I wasn’t really interested in winning one. I’m more interested in proving myself through my music. And it was great to see performances from people I had never seen live before.”

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Isn’t it hard to release something when you’ve had to work on it until you’re personally satisfied? How can someone hesitate to release a song they wrote?

Jungkook: “That’s why there are so many songs I’ve written that I haven’t been able to release. After putting in the effort to write them, I should have realized that I should edit them as much as possible and publish them, but when I heard them again after a while, they didn’t sound good, so I took them all deleted.”

Ah… what a pity.

Jungkook: “I’ve been like this for a very long time. The other members say to me, ‘You have to keep doing it. That’s how we understand everything.’ So I’ve been writing songs lately.”

I guess you will slowly improve if you do it this way. Where in particular have you made improvements since your debut? Proof’s new songs are about revisiting the past, after all.

Jungkook: “I think I changed after the pandemic hit more than at any other time. I think I’ve had the most changes since then until now.”

How have you changed?

Jungkook: “I’m a little calmer now. I think I can see a little more clearly and with certainty what I need to do musically now that I’ve settled in. I still wouldn’t call myself an adult, but that feeling slowly started to get to me. I didn’t realize it until then.”

Have you changed from being with the people around you or seeing the world?

Jungkook: “I am not sure. I think my whole personality has changed a lot. In the past, I would get emotional or lose my temper. Sometimes I let my emotions get the better of me, but since the pandemic I have become more laid back and have been able to see things in a rational and realistic way. And I don’t get angry that easily. Even my outlook on life was fluctuating wildly, but now I think I’m more centered.”

What do you think when you look at the other members from your new, more centered point of view?

Jungkook: “What we have now is different from the passion and spirit we had when we were younger, but we’re all ambitious and thoughtful and I’m grateful that they continue to be musically ambitious and continue to Express. I think I would have grown up to be a very different person if the other members hadn’t shown their love for music like they do now, and I grew up watching that instead. I’m really grateful that they are still focused on our work.”

Source : weversemag

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Jungkook (BTS): “There are a lot of contradictions in my character”

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