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After they met backstage at the musical Notre Dame of Paris, the idyll between Julie Zenatti and Patrick Fiori had caused a lot of still to flow. If since then, everyone has rebuilt their life, the singer has agreed to briefly return to this love story in the columns of Closer.

In 1998, two years before she hits solo with his tube If I get awayJulie Zenatti had met her composer Patrick Fiori behind the scenes of the musical Notre Dame of Paris. He played Phoebus, she Fleur de Lys. A couple on stage and soon to be in town. More than twenty years later, the singer has fond memories of this wonderful project. “It’s a pride”she says in an interview with Closer. “The enthusiasm aroused by the popular success of ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ has been phenomenal. What a joy to start my career like this!”she remembers with the magazine which also wanted to ask her about her past love affair with his former stage partner.

“Only Closer remembers it!”, answers Julie Zenatti with irony. We are both very happyit’s essential”, continues the former companion of Patrick Fiori, who had convinced her to write the lyrics of her first hit herself. What makes her happy today? “A sense of accomplishment”responds the wife of the actor Benjamin Bellecour. “I do not dissociate the artist from the woman and the mother. I draw my energy from the eyes of my childrenin my family”adds the mother of Ava, 11, and Elias, 5. For Julie Zenatti, “It’s impossible to cultivate real relationships in this profession”. “Finally, I don’t know how to do it! Passion is a parenthesis”adds the one who will celebrate her 42nd birthday on the stage of L’Européen, in Paris, on February 5.

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© Guillaume Gaffiot/BestimageJulie Zenatti and Patrick Fiori on January 10, 2005

The ex of Patrick Fiori has found love with Benjamin Bellecour

As the years matured, the artist became more and more of a homebody. No more questions for her to spend her life in hotels. She wants to sleep at home with her children and her darling, who is therefore no longer Patrick Fiori. Very stable, for many years she has lived a beautiful love story rich in twists and turns with the actor Benjamin Bellecour. I met my husband in high school and we function as a teambuilding our story, by turns peaceful, adventurous, marvelous, painful…”entrusts in the columns of Closer Julie Zenatti. The blunt confessions of a artist which now produces itself and thus continues to trace its own path, in complete freedom.

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Julie Zenatti, ex of Patrick Fiori: this rare confidence about their idyll – Gala

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