Jenifer: her secret garden, her magnificent home in Corsica and her fortune revealed

Jenifer no longer presents herself, she does part of the greatest stars of French song. A key figure on the French-speaking music scene for more than 20 years already, no one doubts that she has not finished talking about her. But this has not escaped the star’s fans, despite her success and popularity, little information leaks out in the press about Jenifer’s private life.

You should know that she wants to protect her family from the enthusiasm that accompanies her notoriety. mom of three children, she thinks above all about their happiness. Even if it could disappoint some of his fans elsewhere. Because Jenifer’s public would dream of knowing more about her daily life. Fortunately, members of the editorial staff ofObjeko They led investigation to tell you about all its secrets. The first winner of the star Academy is, for example, particularly attached to Corsica, since her earliest childhood. She is also an entrepreneur who does not flourish only in the field of music. And his certain tastes are not limited to professional contexts either. Finally, we will come back to the recent hectic adventure of the star…

Jenifer’s secrets intrigue her biggest fans

Jenifer is one of its stars that we would like to know everything about. But precisely because she is not the type to reveal much. Indeed, the little that his public knows of his private life is what the celebrity press has been able to reveal. Otherwise, it is only with great discretion that the star talks about his family or his projects in preparation. What we can then tell you is that Jenifer does not lack means. His hit spans over 20 years and sells out tours with each new album. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine that she could have any financial trouble.

We can also tell you that she lives in Corsica, in a immense and magnificent villa set back from the hustle and bustle of cities. Because in an interview on Jarry’s YouTube channel, she explains that her passion for candles is not only aesthetic. Indeed, Jenifer specifies that she lives far enough away from all activities to fear power cuts. From then on, she installs candles everywhere so as not to find herself deprived of light. While ensuring that the decoration of his magnificent house remains harmonious.

And his passion for decoration is no secret. Since Jenifer is at the head of the Ligati brand, a brand of interior decoration objects. Here again an area in which the star has met with great success. Definitely, the wife of the Corsican restaurateur and entrepreneur, Ambroise Fieschi, is not lacking in talent.

Life at 100 per hour

Finally, it is possible to know, even by guessing it, that Jenifer does not have time to breathe. Indeed, she is the mother of three children on the one hand. And the last of his boys was born on May 8, 2021. His family life is therefore obviously very busy. Then she is a music star. And as the readers ofObjeko know that, it doesn’t just mean that she has to create musical content and perform on stage before starting the loop over again. No, it also means that she has to be careful about her image in the media. That’s why she’s been busy serving as a jury for The Voice Kids for example. And that more recently, she found her friend Jarry to participate in a very special television show, which will be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

It’s a fact, Jenifer’s lifestyle can’t be easy to follow. Probably not everyone can boast of having the energy of the star. Because, between television shows, her advertisements for Braun, her family life and the writing of her new album, it would be possible to wonder when the beauty finds time to sleep! There one again secret that the writing ofObjeko did not break through. But one more reason for Jenifer’s fans to admire her. Now, they are probably just looking forward to discovering the singer’s new songs!

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Jenifer: her secret garden, her magnificent home in Corsica and her fortune revealed

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