Jean-Jacques Goldman: Michèle Laroque balances on the criticism made by the composer!

It is this Monday that the actress Michèle Laroque was able to be invited on the set of Télématin. Thereby, as a guest of Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali, she did not fail to give some crisp anecdotes about her and another great personality. Indeed, even if it does not seem in the middle of musicshe seems to have been able to confront a great of this world. This is Jean-Jacques Goldman who had not failed to tell him the four truths to his face. We’ll explaine everything here.

Jean-Jacques Goldman, at the heart of the discussions

It’s been several weeks that the name of Jean-Jacques Goldman seems to come back on the carpet. however, the latter, who has been retired for a while, does not seem ready to come back under the spotlight. In effect, he seems to be living his peaceful life very wellfar from the stress of cities and scenes.

Thus, if the name of Jean-Jacques Goldman returns, this does not seem to announce a potential return. It turns out that the latter has a son who will return to this world. Indeed, Michael will participate in a great adventure. This is Star Academy. Thus, he will be able to recover one of the most prestigious positionsi.e. director of the castle. A position that remains the highest of the show.

Even if the fans would surely have liked it to be Jean-Jacques Goldman who comes out of retirement to come and teach the new talent, this does not seem relevant. This remains what Nikos Aliagas was able to confirm. However, the composer knows how to recognize a person with talent. He also doesn’t seem to hesitate to say if someone doesn’t have one either.. This is what Michèle Laroque was able to see.

A lack of talent

Thus, when Michèle Laroque came on the set of Télématin, she was able to testify to her meeting with the great Jean-Jacques Goldman. But not everything seems to go as planned. It turns out that the actress who stays very skilled in her profession, is not good at everything. Thus, on the set of Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali, she was able to tell her experience.

Indeed, Michèle Laroque was able to rub shoulders with Jean-Jacques Goldman quite a bit thanks to the years of the Enfoirés. She joined the troupe in 1997 and besides, she loves to sing for these concerts. Yet, even if she seems to take it a lot of pleasureit does not have the same effect on everyone.

It turns out that Jean-Jacques Goldman has somewhat questioned the skills of singers of the actress. Thus, Michèle Laroque reports on the set of the morning show that “He told me that I sing like a pan”. Thus, the host laughs saying “So he’s not going to make an album for you?“what the actress responds to”Jean Jacques? It didn’t go for”. But despite this excess of frankness, she does not seem absolutely not angry against him “Oh no, no, absolutely not. He is a wonderful, extraordinary man.”. She adds “I always love to sing, but i’m not super talentedI believe”.

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Jean-Jacques Goldman: Michèle Laroque balances on the criticism made by the composer!

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