Jean-Jacques Goldman: here is what he amassed as a fortune without doing anything!

Everyone knows Jean-Jacques Goldman! Nevertheless, since he left the stage in 2004 but also the troupe of Motherfuckers in 2016, the artist is very rare. Surely due to his age, he is starting to tire. Jean-Jacques Goldman celebrated his 71st birthday recently, but continues to show off in good health. Throughout his career, he wrote some hits ! In addition, you should know that almost half have been interpreted by other artists. Such as Celine Dion, Johnny Hallyday or even Florent Pagny. Far from all public life at the moment, it seems that Jean-Jacques Goldman has made the decision to devote himself to his family. However, this does not mean that no more money is coming in. On the contrary, the artist has millions in his bank account. But How? ‘Or’ What ? We’ll explaine everything here !

The fine career of Jean-Jacques Goldman

As mentioned above, it remains difficult to call yourself French and not know the great Jean-Jacques Goldman. If only one of his music! Between “When the music is good”, “I give you” and “Since you leave”, it must be said that the artist did not hesitate to create essential and timeless hits. This success, throughout his career, allowed him to raise a lot of money. It would seem that the artist hasn’t released anything since 2001, with his album “Chansons pour les pieds”. However, it would also seem that he has no needs for live comfortably. He has everything he needs, even money. A lot of money.

Although he turned 71 on October 11, the artist does not feel old. This is no doubt due to the fact that he receives several million a year. Even when not working! What a life of luxury. It must be said that his timeless hits allow him to maintain his comfortable lifestyle. Every year, Jean-Jacques Goldman receives more than 2 million euros. And this, in royalties and paid by the SACEM. Over the years, despite the expense, he is also said to have amassed a hundred millions of euros. And this, by selling eight million records. Even if Jean-Jacques Goldman does not talk about it much, we can then confirm that he must live well.

The taxes of such a sum

Of course, for some, that money would go to their heads. For Jean-Jacques Goldman, this is certainly not the case. He doesn’t seem known for flaunting his money. He understands that this money comes from working long hours. Known for his unfailing commitment to the Enfoirés, but also the music. The artist has managed to touch a great fortune over the years. However, we often hear about honest statements on all taxes. Indeed, Jean-Jacques Goldman pay their taxes, at the height of its income, but also very proudly. In an old interview with Laurent Boyer, on September 8, the singer mentioned taxes.

Well yes ! This may surprise some, but Jean-Jacques Goldman pay their taxes like everyone else. He lives in France and must pay part of his money to the State. During the interview, Laurent Boyer then asked him: ” You say you’re happy to pay 60% taxes, it’s a first to hear that in France “. And Jean-Jacques Goldman’s response will no doubt continue tosurprise internet users. He then replied: I am very happy, it is a debt that I owe to this country and I will pay it as long as possible “.

Jean-Jacques Goldman: his opinion on abusive spending

As for the money, Jean-Jacques Goldman continued to give his opinion. Last September 28, in an interview, he gave his point of view on celebrity overspending on private jets. He then confided: People who have so much money they can do really interesting things “. According to him, these expenses, both financial and energetic, come from an overflow of money.

He even went on to say: I find that when you’re in Porto Fino and you decide to go to dinner at the Ritz one evening while taking a private plane, it’s the end of the world… It means that you have nothing else to give a fuck… c is absolute boredom… “. And this, in the same interview with Laurent Boyer. Despite the fact that Jean-Jacques Goldman touches millions a year, it seems that he knows how to use this money wisely and not for excessive spending.

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Jean-Jacques Goldman: here is what he amassed as a fortune without doing anything!

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