Jean-Jacques Goldman almost lost his life, this serious accident which he had to face…

Seeing Jean-Jacques Goldman place himself at the top of the table with regard to the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French has become a habit. A deserved place, since the singer still has behind him a career well done. A tragic event, however, almost deprived him of this immense success..

A great artist

It’s been a few years since the ’70s singer has gradually moved away from the limelight. The man in question is not really known for being talkative when it comes to his private life.

In addition to having sold millions of albums, Jean-Jacques Goldman is also famous for having one of the standard bearers of the Enfoirés cause. He also worked with many of his contemporaries (Johnny Hallyday, Céline Dion, Florent Pagny…). The one who has long time been in conflict with his son composed many hits to the delight of our ears.

Whether working in the shadows as a composer or in the limelight as a singer, everything Jean-Jacques Goldman turned into gold. His hits will have marked his time by thrilling a whole generation. Before starting a solo career, the interpreter of “When the music is good” was a rock music enthusiast. He even founded a music group called The Phalansters.

He came very close to death

When he was in high school, Jean-Jacques Goldman already enjoyed a certain popularity. This allowed him to appear in several places with his group. It was while doing these little musical tours that he nearly lost his life.

This episode of his life is recounted by his childhood friend, Jean Bender through his book entitled “It will suffice for a sign”. As part of the promotion of this work, the author returned to the drama which could have cost the singer dearly. The singer’s friend then recounts that a terrible fire broke out in the building in which the group was to play. Except that their presentation was canceled at the last moment for lack of time.

“Their overloaded agenda saves their lives: on November 1, 1970, 146 young people died in the fire at 5-7, a nightclub near Grenoble. Phalansters (Jean-Jacques Goldman’s rock band) had been replaced at the last moment, ”explained his friend.

This small setback saved the life of the singer and the other members of his group. This unfortunate episode did not discourage Jean-Jacques Goldman. He even used it to galvanize him for the sequel.

“For three years, Jean-Jacques Goldman never discouraged“says his friend.
Through passion, hard work and perseverance, he has achieved the success he deserves.

Jean-Jacques Goldman refuses to write for Dadju

Jean-Jacques Goldman has left his mark on the French song scene so much that many French-speaking artists dream of collaborating with him. As part of the promotion of his new album, Dadju shared an anecdote about his meeting with the interpreter of “It will suffice for a sign”.

During this interview with Gala, the singer said that he proposed to Jean-Jacques Goldman to write him a title. This happened in 2018, when he was preparing his second album “Poison or Antidote”.

Unfortunately for fans of Dadju or Jean-Jacques Goldman refused the invitation of the young artist.

“He answered me very kindly, telling me that he really liked what I was doing, in particular Reine, but that, unfortunately, he had stopped composing and writing. He was so frank and sincere with me that I wanted to say: “I’m sorry to have disturbed you, Mr. Goldman”. confided Dadju.

In addition to the release of his third album, Dadju has also tried his hand at comedy. He is also currently alongside Karidja Touré on the poster for the romantic comedy entitled “Ima”. As far as the concerts are concerned, Dadju gives us an appointment at the Parc des Princes on June 18, 2022 for what he already announces as being “the gig of his life“.

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Jean-Jacques Goldman almost lost his life, this serious accident which he had to face…

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