Jean-Jacques Goldman: all about his son Michaël Goldman, director of the Star Academy!

The “Star Academy” will return to TF1 on October 15, 2022. A long-awaited return for the fans since it has been 14 years to the day since the cult program was taken off the air. And who says big back says necessarily new faces like the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman.

Thus, as has often been mentioned in the media for several weeks, it is Michael Goldman who replaces Alexia Laroche-Joubert. A choice judicious since the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman has been working in music for many years.

Michael, the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman

At the Goldmans, we all know the patriarch, Jean-Jacques. Emblematic figure of French songwe owe him in particular tubes such as ” I give you “, ” To our missteps “, etc. Therefore, it is therefore no longer to be presentedbut what about the son?

Born on July 24, 1979 in Paris, Michael Goldman, like many children of stars, suffered from the notoriety of his famous father. In the columns of Liberation, the forties confided more about it. Above all, he revealed that the former leader of the Enfoirés was hardly present.

“I felt like I was not being judged for my fair value, I lacked humility,” he added.

Having Jean-Jacques Goldman as a father is probably complicated when you want to exist for yourself and Michael knows it better than anyone. Already, as a child, to make friends at school, he lied about the identity of his father. Indeed, to his comrades, he said that this one was a plumber.

Fortunately, over time, everything worked out. Proud of his surname, the new director of the ” Star Academy “ saw him better, now that his dad is less visible. Still in the columns of Liberation, he declared:

“I even listen to his records with admiration […] Having him as a father is like having a 30 cm dick, it has advantages and disadvantages. »

Jean-Jacques Goldman: his son, a distinguished producer

Cons, we can say that Michael Goldman knew how to get past since he succeeded in make a name for yourself in music. Cultivating discretion just like his dad, 43 year old man works in the shadow of artists.

Businessman and music producer, he first cut his teeth at BMG, thanks to his uncle Robert Goldman. Also a producer, but also a variety composer, it is from the latter that Michael says he inherits more.

The mayonnaise having taken, the son of Jean-Jacques Goldman left BMG and founded his own production company in 2002, Bamago. He notably produced Yannick Noah’s albumsLââm, or Amel Bent who have all been certified gold records.

Building on his success, he then created Tipee and My Major Compagny. For information, these are two crowdfunding platforms aimed at launching young artists. Thus, there is no doubt that he will be able to advise new academicians.

Michael Goldman plays an important role

Moreover, the man who describes himself as a tele-hook bulimic affirms that helping young people is “a family thing”. To support his remarks, he confided in particular duringan interview with the Parisian :

“I come from a family that loves taking care of the little ones! My mother and my big sister are children’s psychologists, my other sisters are pediatricians! »

As we have mentioned several times, Michael Goldman will have the difficult task of supervising the 13 young talents of the new season of the ” Star Academy “.

Knowing music like the back of his hand, Alexia-Laroche Joubert’s successor intends to give himself fully to his new role. At the question “What will be your role as director? »he actually answered :

” To be myself ! Anyway, I can’t do anything else, but with the students and the teachers, we’ll all be in the same boat, we’ll all win that this show is successful, that the bonuses are tops, that the performances are good . It is our responsibility. »

It goes without saying that Jean-Jacques Goldman is proud of his child. Moreover, after knowing that Michael was going to do the show, the singer congratulated him. And the producer to add:

“I’m not sure he has TV but it was one of the only shows he had done a bit of promotion for so he remembered it well. »

See you on October 15 for the first bonus of the new season of the ” Star Academy “still orchestrated by Nikos Aliagas.

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Jean-Jacques Goldman: all about his son Michaël Goldman, director of the Star Academy!

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