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Chimène Badi and her golden voice are back with an album, but not just any album: a tribute to a great songwriter, Edith Piaf. On January 20, she will release her album of covers of her most beautiful titles from the Kid.

Edith Piaf by Chimene Badithis is the promise of this album which will be released on January 20th. A powerful voice, but also full of nuances and finesse.“This album was born out of the desire to remember how Edith Piaf was a great artist. It was born out of the love I have had for her since I was very young. I grew up with her songs, she declares. I always wanted to sing it one day. Now it took time. I needed my own experience of life and as a woman to be able to embody the titles.” A unifying time that today allows the artist to revive once again the most beautiful songs of the little lady in black with her own timbre.

“What there is of me is my interpretation. There is my diction, my way of putting my words. I allowed myself to interpret some of his songs in a more positive way. My God for example, it’s a song that upset me when I was little. I could never sing it, she explains to us. I was asked on TV sometimes and I said: ‘I can’t, I can sing another one if you want.’ My Godshe hurts me too much.‘” Thanks to an arrangement by its director Tiborg, Chimène Badi can now share it with the public. In this arrangement, there is a lot of hope. That’s what helped me interpret it in a different waysays the singer.

Edith Piaf and Chimène Badi, two similar artists

Chimène Badi shares many points in common with Piaf, and not just in terms of music. “This somewhat masculine side that Edith Piaf had, who was not afraid to impose herself, to say no. I had the chance to learn a lot about Edith. I was also lucky to have a book by Hugues Vassal, her last photographer. We see her surrounded by men and she is very small. But we feel a force. A woman who imposes, who is magnetic, says Chimene Badi. And I have this side that is not afraid to say what she thinks. Not to follow the movement. Indeed, I did not have the same life difficulties as her, but I had mine, during childhood, adolescence and the rest of my life.

Knowing how to orient her life, without compromising with traditional patterns, largely imposed by society, Chimène Badi knows how to do it and claims it, as on the question of marriage: “I don’t need a piece of paper to determine that I’m happy with the person I’m with. I don’t want to get married, it’s not an end in itself. But afterwards, it might be something that could happen to me. You have to live with what life presents to you and take things as they happen. And listen to yourself, listen to your person. There is nothing ‘obligatory. We don’t all have to do the same. Of course, I’m not like all my childhood friends. I’m not closed to anything, just it’s not an obligation. It’s not going to determine if I’m a successful woman or not..” The artist is, without a doubt.

Chimene Badi’s album, Chimene sings Piaf, is available on January 20, 2023 and the singer will Olympia (Paris) next Sunday, January 22.

INTERVIEW Chimene Badi reveals why she had never been able
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INTERVIEW Chimène Badi reveals why she had never been able to sing Mon Dieu by Edith Piaf – X Gossip

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