“In a way, music is more important than religion, more important than politics, it trumps everything,” says Five Finger Death Punch singer

At the beginning of july, Five Finger Death Punch was in Bulgaria to play at a festival, and on this occasion, singer Ivan Moody was interviewed for an episode of Elena Roberg Presents: Personalities And Passions.

During the interview, Moody talked about the European way of thinking, and compared it to the American way of thinking: “I’m not going to get into too much of a political debate, but for me the idea of ​​seeing music as universal – it’s very artistic. In a way, it is more important than religion, more important than politics, it transcends everything. The link between music and your culture here [en Europe], it’s a completely different world. I love that.”

He continued: “In America, it’s very much a question of, ‘What have you done for me lately? Did you release another single? Nope ? When is the next album coming out? I’ve heard that one 30 times. I want the next one’. And I hate that kind of bullshit, because it doesn’t give you the opportunity to appreciate what you have.”

He added : “I saw WASP [en Europe], Alice Cooper, Judas Priest – Rob Halford is one of my favorites. They play music they wrote 40 years ago. And it’s always good. And that’s how people see it here [en Europe]while there [en Amérique] – that’s not so much the case. And that’s disappointing.”

Ivan Moody and his vision for the future

When asked if he was optimistic about the future, he replied: “I have to be. I have children. Look, before I had kids, I would have been the first to add fuel to the fire and strike a match. But the thing is, having kids has opened my soul to an idea, and that idea is that there’s something bigger and better out there, and we’ll get there eventually, no matter what. difficulties.”

He concluded : “I must [être optimiste], because if I’m not, I give false hope to my children. And no parent wants to do that. In any case, I know that I do not wish it.

The success of AfterLife

Five Finger Death Punch’s ninth studio album, AfterLifewas released Friday, August 19 via Better Noise Music.

The opus officially entered the Billboard 200 at number 10.. Indeed, the group managed to generate 29,000 album-equivalent units in the first week of marketing, of which 22,000 were attributed to traditional album sales.

FFDP’s previous album, F8, ranked at number eight on the same chart in 2020, with 55,000 album-equivalent units, of which 45,000 were traditional sales.

AfterLife also landed the band their seventh spot on Billboard’s Top Albums chart. Hard Rockwhich places FFDP and Pearl Jam tied as the undisputed masters of this ranking (created in 2007).

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Ivan Moody praises AfterLife

Last month, Moody named his favorite album from his band’s discography. And despite the fact that all artists always say their latest release is their best, he was no exception and chose AfterLife, noting that “it’s not for publicity.”

He told Loudwire: “I don’t want to give the impression that it’s to promote our new album, because it’s not. It’s just the most accomplished piece of art I’ve ever been involved with.”

He then explained that he and guitarist Zoltan Bathory entered the studio with producer Kevin Churko with the goal of trying out all the ideas they had; no limits are imposed on them.

The singer added: “AfterLife is my favorite album [de FFDP], without contest. I’ve been doing this professionally for 22 years so for me to say this is my favorite and encompasses all of my work […] it’s incredible. It’s a great feeling to experience, I think everyone should experience it once in their life.”

Five Finger Death Punch was inspired by Queen and her special status in the music world

Just before the release of AfterLife, guitarist Zoltan Bathory gave an interview to Metal Hammer in which he revealed that the group wanted to get closer to Queen status with their new album.

He stated in particular: “This is [notre] ninth album, and at this point everyone knows who we are and what our sound is.”

He continued: “Achieving a sound signature is very difficult, but when you have it, you have nothing more to prove and it allows you to venture further. Take Queen : you can’t categorize Queen, and that’s the position you want to be in, because you’re free to do anything.”

He added : “For an artist, even if you want to be free, there’s a lot of expectations, and you get into your head, like, ‘I’ve got all these hit songs, so I have to keep reproducing that.’ That’s why I talk about Queen, because those guys didn’t care, they wrote what they wanted to write. This is the pinnacle of honesty in music.”

The central theme of AfterLife

The album’s title translates to “after life” and is apparently based on real-life experiences Moody and Bathory had.

During May, Bathory explained to Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez, what was hidden behind the album title.

He stated : “The reason we called the album AfterLife is because Ivan and I have shared some experiences with each other that are usually private things that people don’t really talk about. We both had near death experiences.”

He continued: “Ivan usually writes very personal lyrics anyway, if you read his lyrics on [The Way Of The Fist], it’s an open book, it’s his life and his experiences. Everything is therefore very personal, nothing is fictitious. We’re not really talking about mythology or historical events, it’s all real […].”

The guitarist also explained that he didn’t really see his life flash before his eyes like you can see in the movies: “When you say something flashes before your eyes, you imagine it as one thing happening after another, because that’s how our minds work – the human mind thinks linearly… it’s tied to time. So when you say, ‘My life flashed before my eyes’, you almost imagine it’s like in the movies. But it’s not like that. Everything happens at the same time. You’re aware of everything all at once, it’s almost like your mind is exploding into billions of little fragments and you’re suddenly aware of all the things that happened – at the same time.”

Interview with Ivan Moody for Elena Roberg Presents: Personalities And Passions:

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“In a way, music is more important than religion, more important than politics, it trumps everything,” says Five Finger Death Punch singer

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