Gims: his career is collapsing, each title is a flop shows Booba

Gims: his career is collapsing, each title is a flop shows Booba

Gims is still ridiculed by Booba!

This summer the tension had seriously increased between Booba and Gims with several virulent exchanges between them but the animosity then subsided a little until the publication of the last opus of Meugui. B2O took a close look sexion d’assaut member sales for fun. More than a month after the release of the album, the results are not really in favor of the latter named.

On December 2, 2022, Gims presents the fifth career solo album The Last Will of Mozart but after a week of exploitation the project does not have the expected success.

Compared to his previous albums which have all accumulated gold, platinum or even diamond certifications and obtained a first place in the Top Album, it is a commercial failure. Demdem’s husband’s album only recorded 12,287 sales in its first 7 days before quickly disappearing from the ranking of the 100 most listened to albums in France.

The figures of the author of Bella are very far from his usual standards. Booba did not fail to point out to him at the announcement of the sales and two months after the release of the project, the results are really mixed for Meugui.

Meugui sales plummet

Gims did not place any title in the Top Singles of the 100 most listened to songs in France and his album did not appear in the Top Album. At the level of its clips, the figures are not better. The clips of “After you Madam” (5.2 M), “ Themistocles “(2.7 M), “Now” (3.5 M) have not even reached 6 million views while most of his old clips have almost all at least 10 million.

Booba relayed a video to highlight this meager record, “Gims’ career is collapsing… all his old albums had at least 40,000 sales in 7 days so it’s really scary” describes the sequence before proceeding with the observation.

“Where at his prime each of his clips had hundreds of millions of views, he now flops every song he releases. His image is literally degrading. La Sexion D’Assaut which was to release the famous album which was never released, its rant towards Muslims wishing him a happy new year. In short, this change does not please the general public at all, so it inevitably falls. The moral of the story, the image you develop on the networks is much more important than your product (here the music) and degrading your image is degrading your business“.

This video makes Booba happy. B2O shared the images mentioning Gims with the mocking comment: “Little debrief… Gims I hear a lot of things about Damba la fierce. People talk to me about footballers, friends of footballers, hygiene, people talk to me about a lot of things..

Even if last June after nearly five years of silence, Gims responded to Booba and tried to put an end to his actions by addressing him to reframe him, this did not calm him down.

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Gims: his career is collapsing, each title is a flop shows Booba

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