Gautier Abadie, from Lannemezan to the gates of Hollywood!

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After a difficult start, Gautier Abadie, a native of Lannemezan, has just composed film music in the United States.

He remembers having been sensitized by film music quite early, and especially the music of the first Harry Potter. His uncle Pierre had given him the cassette of the film for Christmas. After a few years of guitar, he perfected himself. His orientation in high school was difficult, because he had to choose between studying aeronautics and his visceral revelation of becoming a composer of film music. Naturally, his choice was obvious, the music. He had the chance to join and study classical music at the Tarbes Conservatory.

He who dreamed of joining a large music school in the USA Here he is suddenly learning the basics of music theory with 7-year-old children. It was a humiliating and difficult time for him, then 16 years old. However, he hung on and over the years he perfected himself. Between classes in writing, music history, baroque music, trumpet, piano, percussion and many others, Gautier immersed himself completely in classical music. It allowed him to temporarily escape his teenage problems and focus on himself.

An email that changed his life

After three successive failures in the entrance exam for the music class at the CNSM (Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique) in Lyon, he ran out of options to complete his studies in film music, Bayonne and Annecy.

An e-mail can change your life in the blink of an eye! Beginning of his American dream, with the year 2018 which marked a decisive turning point for his future. Deep down, he has always been drawn to the United States. From childhood, he was fascinated by wide open spaces and the ideology that everything is possible for those who want to give themselves the means. His brother had always nicknamed him “the American”.

After sending dozens of e-mails and by dint of perseverance, Gautier finally received a positive response. Neither one nor two, he flew to New York to study film music at the very famous Juilliard School in Manhattan. His teacher Rick Baitz knew he had a diamond in the rough to shape between his fingers. His mentor has always supported him to this day. Thanks to him, he was able to integrate a Master’s degree in musical composition without having a license or any diploma in his pocket, even after all these years spent in conservatories.

His first feature film will be released next year.

He had the chance to talk with great composers like Michael Giacchino of “Jurassic-Park”, “Là-haut”, “Ratatouille”, “Coco” and other professionals who were able to guide and advise him. After years of working on more than twenty animation projects, he finally landed his first feature film: “Dirty Rhetoric” is an independent film directed by James Evans, set in the late 1940s.
He denounces post-war propaganda, but also the mental disorders from which many Americans suffered during this period. This auteur film features surreal scenes, jazz, song and dance.

Gautier was lucky enough to be able to work with his friend Liz Piccoli, a Broadway choreographer whom he had advised the director and who did a remarkable job. The director of photography, Guillermo Cameo, also did a superb job and was able to reconstruct the photographic aesthetic of this period with great finesse and taste. The soundtrack will be recorded in two parts, a first part by a Jazz Big Band in New York in January 2023, and a second symphonic part in February in Budapest, where he will conduct the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and its 60 musicians.

The film will be sent to the Cannes Film Festival and a multitude of other festivals. It will be released next year 2023.

After 4 years in New York, he will move to Los Angeles with his friend James (the director of the film) in order to develop their activity in Hollywood. His compositions are incredibly beautiful. Gautier puts such density into the music that it vibrates with the image.
To wish him to become one of the greatest and most native to us.

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Gautier Abadie, from Lannemezan to the gates of Hollywood!

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