Frédéric François: He lost his two children “on the same day…”: zoom on this terrible tragedy

Frédéric François is a very famous singer in France. We have tendency to recognize it through these famous hits that marked the 70s, 80s and 90s. One of them is entitled: “I love you Italian” which has wreaked havoc with his fans. However, it should be noted that this singer who won the hearts of the majority of French people is far from being a national of this country. He is Belgian as well as all his family. Nevertheless, this situation did not prevent his 50 years of success in music. It is said that a tragic event changed the life of this singer. We explain to you!

Frédéric François: the artist inaugurates the 50th anniversary of his career!

Francesco Barrato alias Frédéric François arrived in France with his parents around the 1950s. However, he arrived a little later in the world of music. We note that his first appearance on stage was in 1970 with the song “I never loved as I love you”. From its first broadcast, this tube was a hit with the French. Hence why, this star was able to build her reputation current. In 1972, he managed to release his first album !

This year he celebrates the 50th anniversaryof the release of his first musical disc. For this occasion, the Téléloisir channel invited Frédéric François for an interview. During this public intervention, the artist took the opportunity to share a delicate ordeal in his life. However, he has never talked about it until now. With the event that coincides with this tragic story, it’s time for confidence on the set of this television antenna!

A look back at this event that caused a lot of ink to flow!

Like his eventful life as a star, Frédéric François also has an exciting family life. He has already been married to a Belgian woman named Monique for 50 years and is a devoted father to his four beautiful children. This artist met his wife a day after launching his career. Then they fell in love with each other. Since then, his wife has always been here for him to boost his career! Like everyone else, the Barrato family also faced difficulties.

On the other hand, their reserved nature means that they have always preferred to keep their problem to themselves. During this revelation live, Frédéric François revealed that apart from his 4 children: Gloria, Anthony, Vincent and Victoria, the couple has already had two twins. Unfortunately, they lost them at birth because of a miscarriage. It should be noted that this bad news devastated the whole family. He said that even now the commemoration of this date is still painful!

Frédéric François’ family overcame this difficulty brilliantly!

We can say that Frédéric François is the exemplary family man. Apart from guaranteeing his professional success, he also fulfilled his duties as a pillar for his family. The singer took care of everything without anyone’s help. Hence the reason why, all these fans were far from discovering the dramas that occurred in his life!

Fortunately, Frédéric François was able to fill his family with happiness. In this way, they have always remained united in adversity. Thanks to this, the Barrato family now comes to live in serenity. By following this exclusive on the singer, many viewers were touched by this moving story. In addition, his fans wished him best wishes of the world !

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Frédéric François: He lost his two children “on the same day…”: zoom on this terrible tragedy

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