Françoise Hardy at its worst: the singer suffered internal bleeding

A few years ago, Françoise Hardy managed to make themselves known thanks to his talent in music. She has become very famous over the years. In particular thanks to his hits Le temps de l’amour, All the boys and girls of my age.

Francoise Hardy very ill

Françoise Hardy also lived a very beautiful story of love with Jacques Dutronc. Together, the two had a child. The latter is called Thomas and does the delight of his parents.

If this love affair ended, the two still keep a good memories of this period. In any case, this is what the main concerned knows in the columns of the Journal du dimanche last July.

“Jacques will have been the man of my life and the feelings we have for each other today go beyond a simple friendship”said Françoise Hardy about her ex.

But the singer has been talking about her for a completely different reason lately. It is because of her health that she makes a lot of ink flow. And for good reason, the artist is at his worst.

Françoise Hardy has been in a situation very complicated. Very ill, she also had to put an end to her career to her great displeasure. And for causeshe couldn’t sing anymore.

New information about the singer

The magazine Public has also revealed new information on Françoise Hardy. This Friday, October 7, the media made new information on the singer. And the least we can say is that they are not good.

Indeed, according to the information, she would have undergone an operation for internal bleeding. As a reminder, the singer is already weakened because of laryngeal cancer. The latter gradually weakened his voice.

One thing is certain, Françoise Hardy finds herself in a situation very complicated. If she is in poor health, it does not mean that she has lost his outspokenness. On the contrary.

In the book Tous pour la musique by Chloé Thibaud, which will be released on October 20, fans will find an exclusive interview with Françoise Hardy. What interests me in a song […]it is the depth”.

“And the beauty of the emotion it arouses. This depends on the quality of the melody that must be timeless.

A well-defined opinion on the musical world

Françoise Hardy also added: “And how timeless are many songs by Trenet, Mireille, Aznavour, Brassens, Bécaud, Barbara, Michel Berger, Véronique Sanson, Julien Clerc, Laurent Voulzy”.

“And so many others… Unlike rappers, we will hear them until the end of time…”. But that’s not all.

She also swung: “Currently, unlike the days of the sixties, there is a plethora of new young female singers. Not zero at all. But without any vocal or musical identity.

Francoise Hardy continued: “And those who stand out the most and by far – Juliette Armanet and Clara Luciani – have been known for a little longer”.

She also revealed about them: “And last because they have a true artistic identity. In other words, a great talent for melodist and a personal style ».

One thing is certain, Françoise Hardy always has a clear-cut opinion about the world current music. If his opinion will not fail to make the fans of the main interested party react. In the meantime, they are worried about his state of health.

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Françoise Hardy at its worst: the singer suffered internal bleeding

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