For the 15th edition of the K-Live festival, in Sète, street art is within its walls from May 1 to 5!

The 15th edition of K-Live, the formidable urban art and contemporary music festival in Sète, is being held from June 1 to 5. Three street artists will enrich the Open Air Museum (MaCO) and Thylacine and Lucie Antunes perform at the Théâtre de la Mer.

At K-Live, when an artist hides, it’s not him who escapes but anyone who will subsequently lay eyes on his work. At K-Live, artists take to the streets and take over the walls every year for a figurative fresco, a giant graffiti, a monumental abstraction…

Initiated in 2008, this open-air museum, or MaCO, now has more than forty works scattered around the city of Sète and signed C215, Satone, Manolo Mesa, Jan Kalab, Maye, Tony Bosc, Laho, Zest, Miss Maurice, Bault, Senor Octopus…

This year, it was Madame, Philippe Hérard and Tim Zdey that K-Live invited from June 1 to 5 à to broaden our mental horizon with their vertical art: the first, adept at collage mixing text and image, works at La Perrière; the second, renowned for its quirky characters, bordering on the absurd, painted in the Quatre ponts district; the last, maestro of abstract fresco at the crossroads of pop art, design, modern art and op art, works on the island of Thau.

June 4, THE big day of the festival

It is in the same place that the “K-Live kids” is held on June 1st, a large street art workshop for children. On June 2, the festival celebrates its 15th anniversary with a musical aperitif at La Ola private beach (promenade du Lido) with Radio Muge on the turntables. On June 3, it’s the “Exquisite K-Live”: like the exquisite corpse of the surrealists, the Avignon street artist Primal and his Alesian counterpart Zéklo combine their singular universes in a plural work. June 4, THE big day of the festival, is marked by the “K-Live talk”, a public discussion with Jean Faucheur, pioneer and president of the Urban Art Federation, and by the “K-Live klub” , closing.

First meeting of the season at the Théâtre de la Mer, this vast festive evening is opened and closed by the Maldormir DJ’s collective, and turned upside down by the lives of Lucie Antunes and Thylacine. A virtuoso rhythmicist, moving from drums to marimba, the former invents ecstatic neo-repetitive music while the latter, an Angevin prodigy of electronic music, proves to be as fascinating in concrete adventure as in classical reinterpretation. With them, the time of one night, the walls will fall. We will have plenty of time to visit them afterwards.

15th edition of K-Live in Sète from June 1st to 5th. Everything is free except the evening at the Théâtre de la mer (7:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.): €20 in presale. 04 99 04 71 71.

The program of the 15th K-Live at a glance

– MaCO June 1-5

Artists: Tim Zdey, Madame, Philippe Hérard

– K-LIVE Kids June 1st

Large street-art workshop for children on the Ile de Thau

– K-LIVE Aperitif Birthday June 2

Ola Beach

– K-LIVE Exquisite June 3

Artists: Primal, Zeklo
& Opening of the festival


The K-LIVE Exquis after-party with live Eiwa and DJ sets by Ouanounou and Pura Pura.

– K-LIVE Talk June 4

Guest: Jean Faucheur, President of the Urban Art Federation

– K-LIVE Klub June 4th at the Theater de la Mer

Artists: Lucie Antunes, Thylacine, Maldormir DJ’s.

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For the 15th edition of the K-Live festival, in Sète, street art is within its walls from May 1 to 5!

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