Florent Pagny and Zazie have made a pact: the singer throws everything on their secret!

To the delight of her fans, Zazie announced that she was going to make her big comeback in The Voice. In contrast, Florent Pagny will not be part of the coaches This year. The two artists then made a pact.

Zazie back in The Voice

A few weeks ago, Zazie announced that she would return to The Voice. Unlike Florent Pagny, she will come back in the new season. “It was not planned at all, it is the production that offered merevealed the singer.

Before adding: “I first looked at my schedule. And it made me tired myself… I’m in the studio, I’m going to shoot in 2023… And then I saw myself smiling, thinking about the coaches, the team, the musicians”.

” ” The Voice it’s not just a big bug. And those who win aren’t just those who win, like Will Barber who filled bigger venues afterwards. This is something to be a coachconfessed Zazie.

And it is not Florent Pagny who will say the opposite. “It’s very moving to be in the front row of the voices that will perhaps make the music of tomorrow and exciting to accompany them »underlined Zazie.

She also confessed: “Even though I have sleepless nights during battles. For RFM, the beauty also said that she hesitated before saying “yes”. But once again, she explained “ it put a smile on my face immediately when it was offered to me“.

This promise between Florent Pagny and Zazie

“You’re in the front row of people who sing very wellwhich are moving”revealed Zazie. “You’re public in fact, first and foremost. And then, humbly, you try to put them on the path of small things that they can do (…)”.

Florent Pagny’s friend continued: “It’s very moving, in fact, to be at the beginning like that. A bit, behind the scenes of someone who already has everything. Except maybe just a whole small needle from time to time.

One thing is certain, despite her hesitation, Zazie can’t wait to get back to the show. She also admitted to our colleagues from M Radio that she had made a great promise to Florent Pagny on the occasion of his return.

“I got him on the phone. And I promised him to take one or two vocal singers”, explained the singer. Before continuing: ” Special thanks “. She will therefore have to keep his promise with Florent Pagny.

In the meantime, Zazie opened up about her new album composed of four titles “The EP”. “It doesn’t hurt to change a bit. I had songs ready, I thought they were topical”said the artist.

Big plans for the end of the year

Florent Pagny’s friend also explained: “It’s my first EP, I feel like I’m young! It’s not a huge kick in the anthill either, it’s just another format.

“These are always songs even if there are fewer of them. But it’s also a way to reduce when you do them and when people listen to them.”continued Zazie.

Before adding: The Scrapbook will be the continuity of this project. But I can’t tell you when it will be out because we’re still in the studio.”. One thing is certain, Florent Pagny’s friend will have big plans for this year.

Zazie is going to make a return with great fanfare. To be continued !

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Florent Pagny and Zazie have made a pact: the singer throws everything on their secret!

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