Eurovision: Kalush Orchestra unveils its clip shot in the ruins and rubble

Inspired by war stories, the film highlights military women and children. It was filmed in cities devastated by Russian strikes, including Boutcha and Irpin.

At day after their historic Eurovision triumphthe Ukrainian winners of the group Kalush Orchestra have uploaded the political and committed music video of their hit Stefania. A film “inspired by true stories” that occurred during the Russian invasion. The clip features military women sheltering children, handing them over to their families, braving rubble and burning buildings. Female soldiers who then board a train to join the front. Mothers who perhaps leave their toddlers in a place and hands they hope are safe. The last sequence shows a little girl with a molotov cocktail in her hand at the foot of a tank in Russian.

The lyrics are subtitled in English. Set ahead of the band’s Eurovision appearance, the clip wasn’t released until after the competition to avoid being accused of politicizing the competition

The three-minute clip was shot in April in cities devastated by Russian strikes, which have become martyr cities: Gostomel, Borodyanka, Boutcha and Irpin. “It was a very painful job“, specifies on its social networks the formation which mixes rap and folk music. At the end of the clip, a message dedicates the whole “to the face of our mother who keeps our hearts alive even in the darkest times. To all the brave Ukrainians, to the mothers who protect their children, to all those who lost their lives to keep us free. Support Ukraine!”.

A song written long before the war

Composed well before the war, Stefania is lead singer Oleh Piusk’s tribute to his mother. But since the end of February, his words have become an anthem to Ukraine. Certain passages lend themselves confusingly to this double reading. Like this verse:I will always find the way home, even if all the roads are destroyed“.

“Although there is not a word about the war in this song, many people have started to associate it with the motherland and consider this title as the song of our war! But if Stefania is now that, I would like her to one day become the anthem of our victory“, plead the members of the group on Youtube.

The singers and musicians had little time to savor their trophy. After signing autographs and posing for photos, in front of their three-star hotel in Turin on Sunday, the artists put their luggage in the trunk of the taxis and stopped at the premises of RAI, the Italian public television which broadcast the competition. , for an interview. And then took the way back to Ukraine where they are expected on Monday. Most Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot leave in case they are called up. Thanks to this appearance on the Eurovision stage, singer Sasha Tab was able to see his wife Yuliia and his two children, who fled Ukraine a month ago and live with an Italian host family in Albi.

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Eurovision: Kalush Orchestra unveils its clip shot in the ruins and rubble

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