Eurovision 2021 “0 point” countries have changed gear (or not)

From our special correspondent in Turin (Italy)

Last year at theEurovision​, while Italy and France were at the top of the ranking, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom shared the last places. Their disappointment was increased tenfold by the cruel announcement of the votes of the public… who gave them no points. Nothing, zero, nada. How do these three countries approach the final of the 2022 edition this Saturday? Response elements.

For the United Kingdom, the 2021 edition was a double jeopardy. embers by James Newman ended with a double 0 on the scoreboard: neither the juries nor the public awarded him the slightest point. As our neighbors across the Channel finished last for the second consecutive edition, this disappointment was quickly put on the alleged post-Brexit European disenchantment. Once the defeat had been digested, the delegation went in search of an artist for a solid candidacy. She found it in the person of Sam Ryder, a friendly, hairy 32-year-old, a real TikTok star. And faded from Eurovision. “When I was offered to participate, it was obvious for me to say yes, to seize this opportunity which is given to so few people, he explains to 20 minutes. When you get the call and you’re a fan, you have a duty and a responsibility to go. It’s only afterwards – and for a few seconds – that you start thinking “but what if I never get any points?”, “what if you never work again?”. All these negative thoughts are created by you, just as you create your enthusiasm for something. It’s up to you which path you want to follow. Sam Ryder decided to take the path of optimism and acceptance of his song, spaceman, proves him right. Behind the Ukrainians of Kalush Orchestra, he is the second favorite to win on Saturday, according to the bookmakers. The 30-something tries not to look at these statistics too much. “What I take away is that there is a change in attitude towards Eurovision in the UK. People are positive, support me…” And if he wins on Saturday, he will be put on a pedestal.

  • Germany, like a status quo

“I don’t feel hate”, sang the German Jendrik last year. He didn’t feel the hatred, but neither did he feel the love of the public who snubbed him, perhaps destabilized by the eccentric number of the singer, accompanied on stage by a dancer disguised as a finger. giant honor. For this edition, the Teutonic delegation returns to the sobriety which succeeds it better in the competition, proof of this is the Top 5 in 2018 by Michael Schulte with You Let Me Walk Alone, moving ballad on the mourning of the father. ” Rockstars talks about the good old days (“the good old days”), the moments we like to remember, confides the German candidate Malik Harris to 20 minutes. For me, it’s my childhood, when I didn’t have to worry about a lot of things. I was inspired by a line from the series The Office in the last episode: “I wish there was a way to know that we’re living the good old days before we’ve left them behind.” This sentence touched me and spoke to me. “The young artist, selected during a telecrochet, assures that he is” not scared at all “at the idea of ​​​​representing his country after the disappointment of 2021. “If you look from another angle, it would have been a lot more pressure if Germany had finished in the top places every year and it was now my turn. On the contrary, it’s more comfortable, I have less pressure. The bookmakers do not believe at all in his chances of victory: at the time of writing, Malik Harris emerges in last position of their forecasts.

With six small points gleaned from the juries, and zero in televoting, Blas Canto finished penultimate in Eurovision 2021, adding another mediocre result to Spain’s recent record (his last Top 10 dates back to 2014). On the other side of the Pyrenees, the reaction was immediate: it was decided to draw inspiration from the Benidorm Festival, put on hold in 2006, to relaunch a new selection, with semi-final and final. This is how Chanel won her ticket to Turin, not without controversy because she owes her victory to a professional jury made up of five people who sacked the Tanxugueiras group, widely acclaimed by the public with more than 70% of the votes… fact that the artist is now in the Top 5 of bookmakers has calmed his detractors. Spain could regain one of the top ten places in the final standings by betting on the show card that shouts “España”, from the artist’s outfit to his fan. Chanel has charisma and masters her choreography to perfection (she was notably one of Shakira’s dancers), in the lyrics of her song, Slo Moshe invites her interlocutor to film her moving and to watch the video in slow motion.

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Eurovision 2021 “0 point” countries have changed gear (or not)

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