Dua Lipa or Sunday night fever in Paris

“TDo you have a seat for Dua Lipa? For a few days now, phone screens have been displaying variations of this SMS several times a day in the Tout-Paris de la musique. The English pop star’s concert at the AccorHotels Arena on Sunday evening, the most popular musical event of the year, was sold out. In 2020, the original date of the concert (postponed due to the Covid), seeing Dua Lipa on stage was an accessible dream. Except here it is: in the meantime, the career of the young woman of Kosovo Albanian origin has totally exploded. In two years, she became the new Rihanna. Just that. Perhaps because the latter hasn’t released an album since 2016, and we don’t even hope to see her one day behind a microphone, too busy as she is launching clothing and beauty product lines. (and she is also about to give birth). The place was therefore free for a new queen of our evenings, especially since Beyoncé also left it vacant, preferring the savannah of the film The Lion King to the urgency of untying our hips.

Filled with irresistibly joyful and catchy tracks, Future Nostalgia released in early 2020 is a solid crutch in the midst of a pandemic. It earned him six Grammy nominations, and one win: Best Pop Vocal Album. It is therefore hardly surprising that the 20,000 seats for the AccorHotels Arena have been snapped up.

In the stands of the Parisian hall, the public is very varied, in age (from 5 to 55 years old), sexuality, social origin… The fervor alone is identical. Janitors will soon sing all the lyrics to their idol’s songs alongside a well-represented gay community. For now, a rainbow flag flies over the mixing console as English singer Griff heats up the room with her stunning ‘Black Hole’.

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At 9:02 p.m., a colorful credits with 1980s pop influences is broadcast on the screens to introduce the star’s ten dancers. It’s unusual, and it sets the tone of the evening: a real show like the Anglo-Saxons know how to do, with a strong aesthetic bias, solid teams and resources. On her enormous hit “Physical”, which opens her show to a frenzied rhythm, she appears, in a fuchsia pink jumpsuit, brown hair cascading over her tanned and bare shoulders, surrounded by these dancers, choristers and shock musicians. ” Come on ! Come on ! Let’s get physical! she invites us. And it works. We wake up. We won’t sit down anymore. For an hour and a half, Dua Lipa will bombard us with disco pop dance hits and make us burn more calories than a zumba class. We were invited to a giant boom. The playlist: “New Rules”, his mashup of “Love Again” and “Your Woman”, “Don’t Start Now”, “Electricity”, samples of Daft Punk and Justice…

And came Angela…

Beautiful, athletic, Dua dances, sings, rolls on her stomach, and not for a moment does her deep voice weaken, not for a moment do we hear her breathing, nor a false note, nor the slightest gesture out of rhythm. It is a war machine which completely occupies the ground, makes the boards tremble with its determined steps. As natural as if she were doing a little choreo in her living room with her friends, mischievous, she sticks out her tongue at the end of a stanza, with a slight movement of her neck. Everything is perfect, to the millimeter, and she nevertheless manages to maintain a lightness. She was clearly born to do this. Sensual, sexy, but not vulgar, she assumes her body and her desires, with grace. In her songs, Dua mainly addresses her exes (or future exes), to free herself from their amorous grip, or on the contrary to dive back into it with delight. “Put my mind at ease / Pretty please / I need your hands on me / Sweet relief”, she begs in “Pretty Please”. “I should’ve stayed at home / ‘Cause now there ain’t no letting you go / Am I falling in love / With the one that could break my heart? “, she continues in the bouncy “Break my Heart”.

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The hysteria suddenly goes up a notch when Angèle makes a surprise appearance on their duet “Fever”. The Belgian singer has always been impressed by Dua Lipa’s ability to master everything, dancing, singing, performing. She was inspired by it for her last tour, attempting an American show. However, the frail francophone, almost inaudible, struggles to exist next to the voice and the all-powerful body of the Englishwoman. “It looks a bit like his trainee,” whistles a seasoned spectator at our side. The two women are however exactly the same age…

But yes, Dua Lipa, born in 1995 to Kosovar rocker Dukagjin Lipa and a travel agent, fascinates with her incredible abilities. It seems there’s nothing she can’t do. We get a glimpse of her power when the eternal flashlights of phones soar through the air on “Boys Will Be Boys,” her feminist anthem against toxic masculinity. Very committed to LGBT rights, women, and the Palestinians, support of Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders, Dua Lipa has created a medium in the form of a weekly newsletter with her good addresses, articles on art, music, but also the fight for the right to abortion, Ukraine… In her spare time (which ones?!), she interviews fashion designers (Olivier Rousteing), writers (Lisa Taddeo), singers (Elton John – with whom she also made a fabulous duet)… She is the woman of the 2020s: powerful, committed, unapologetic.

“One kiss is all it takes / Fallin’ in love with me”, she sings. It’s about 300 degrees in the room and the stage has turned into a dance floor for good, with a parade of voguing (seen everywhere in recent years thanks to Kiddy Smile) and balloons falling from the sky. At this precise moment, we understand that for almost a decade, we have been dancing every summer to the hits of Dua Lipa, the author of our vacation soundtrack. Where is the swimming pool ? Because we’re ready to jump in fully dressed and keep the party going all night.

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Dua Lipa or Sunday night fever in Paris

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