Don’t forget the lyrics: Nagui shocked by maestro Cédrine’s crazy anecdote

The amateur singers Do not forget the lyrics follow one another, but do not look alike. Indeed, the episodes always bring their share of surprises, in particular the stories of the Maestros who are always more incredible than the others.. By examplethis Thursday, May 19, fans of Do not forget the lyrics fell from the clouds when they discovered the anecdote of Cédrine, the current maestro of giant karaoke. Same Nagui didn’t know how to react and we understand why… We’ll tell you right away!

Do not forget the lyrics : a candidate made a huge mistake during her childhood…

Do not forget the lyrics has been broadcast on France 2 for more than 15 years. Nagui is a big fan of music and song and he has been in charge of the show since the beginning. Thereby, Do not forget the lyrics knew how to find its public which does not miss any episode. Every evening, it is the favorite appointment of viewers. A good way to improve your French musical culture and relax for the end of the day.

In addition to having a good time musicthe fans also have a lot of fun listening to the anecdotes of the candidates of Do not forget the lyrics. This Thursday, May 19, Cendrine came to face the maestro currently in place, who is called Anaïs. Cédrine came from the city of Liège in Belgium and she completely shocked the whole audience with her crazy story. Even the host of Do not forget the lyrics didn’t know what to say… This one was still a child when the scene happened. She begins to tell the story of her stepfather’s smartphone that fell into the water…

A shocking and dangerous anecdote…

“What do you do when you drop your laptop in water to dry it faster? »asks the presenter of Do not forget the lyrics. Cédrine’s solution will surprise you… “I put it in microphone-waves »balances the Belgian participant. ” No no no ! Do not do that ! Otherwise you meet the nurse in the emergency room. Don’t put anything metallic, you know, in a microwave.”intervenes immediately Nagui. ” I was 10 years old. I didn’t want to be argued with”, tries to explain Cédrine. Nagui, shocked, says: ” That’s not an excuse ! »

Do not forget the lyrics : Cédrine, the last winner

The candidates of Do not forget the lyrics have still crazy stories to tell on Nagui’s set. This one should write a book on all the anecdotes of his guests. In any case, Cédrine, who is a nurse in resuscitation by trade, gave a perfect performance in the program of France 2. The young woman from Belgium has not forgotten any lyrics of the song Forsaken Captain of Gold. It was the same for the title of The Priest’s Maid by Anny Cordy and On the road by Gerald de Palmas. Thus, at the end of the emission of Do not forget the lyrics, it is indeed the Belgian who took the place of Anaïs. As a reminder, the latter won three victories and the sum of 26,000 euros.

Cédrine was very moved to have acceded to the title of new maestro of Don’t forget the lyricss. She displays on her counter the amount of 20,000 euros after finding all the lyrics of the song Leave me a place by Julien Clerc. The pretty Belgian will try to grow her kitty in the next episodes.

Kristofer, the last great record holder!

The candidate has spent several months in Do not forget the lyrics. Indeed, at only 24 years old, he has chained 39 victories and won 309,000 euros. The darling of the public occupies the seventh place among the greatest winners of Do not forget the lyrics. Last I heard, he was complaining that he still hadn’t received his loot in his bank accounts. Does he finally have his pockets full?

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Don’t forget the lyrics: Nagui shocked by maestro Cédrine’s crazy anecdote

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