Did a memorable scene from Dr Strange 2 copy a video game?

One of the most memorable scenes in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is accused of looking a little too much like a long-announced video game concept.

Did one of the biggest movie studios in the world copy the idea of ​​a small independent developer to make one of the most memorable scenes in a film? This is what a part of the community that follows the project believes Sword of Symphony, an RPG that Stephen Ddungu has been working on for several months. More concretely, some of its subscribers accuse Marvel and Disney of having taken up its concept, based on music, for a scene of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Asked by Kotaku on May 17, Stephen Ddungu seems rather inclined to think the same thing: According to several indices which support what they affirm, I would say that it is strongly likely and I would not be surprised if it is true (…). I can understand why people think that. It is true that similarities are there, although it is difficult to say that, yes, Sam Raimi and his teams intentionally stole the work of Stephen Ddungu.

Warning, this article contains spoilers.

Doctor Strange 2. // Source: Marvel

A scene from Doctor Strange 2 looks suspiciously like a video game concept

In Sword of Symphony, the hero will be able to fight by spurting out musical notes. In a teaser released in January 2021, the hero can be seen pulling out a feather capable of conjuring up a treble clef and sheet music, in a process reminiscent of magic incantations and other video games, like Kingdom Hearts.

The teaser of Sword of Symphony :


In a scene from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the superhero goes to a universe where he must fight a Him who has become evil. The confrontation, visually impressive and very rhythmic: we see two Strange throwing musical notes at each other. Gold for the supporters of the developer of Sword of Symphonythis idea like the gestures and the choreography are inspired by the video game project.

Another argument which is put in the balance and which goes in the direction of an artificial borrowing, even of a voluntary copy: the character of Doctor Strange has never been tied to music in any definite way in its previous appearances within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, he has not been seen summoning musical notes before. His background is not that of a musical virtuoso and he has never been portrayed as a music lover.

The sequence of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness involved (watch out for spoilers) :

Perhaps this is all just coincidence, as the originality of such use of music for fighting is debatable. After all, materializing notes, stanzas and treble clefs in this way during an incantation, using them as projectiles or even as shields, making them spin around are all ideas that one could have in a way independent.

Except that there is an index which reinforces the thesis of the copy: the sequence of the film was not at all planned in the initial assembly. Composer Danny Elfman confirmed in the columns of Fandom that it was shot during the reshoot phase, after principal filming. This step, common in ambitious blockbusters, was important according to The Hollywood Reporter and took place at the end of 2021 — i.e. after the broadcast of the teaser of Sword of Symphony.

All sources indicate that the scene was not in the original script and was added at the last minute, about three months after Sword of Symphony first gained buzz and applause for its concept. says Stephen Ddungu. While he admits that the idea of ​​fighting with music is nothing new, he would have hoped that Marvel Studios ” owns it with a unique vision “.

It remains to be seen what will be given to this case, which has not yet been brought to justice – nothing says that it will be, especially if common ground is found behind the scenes. A conflict against the multinational would in any case be perilous, given the colossal means at its disposal to defend itself, but also because the concept of Sword of Symphony was not particularly protected.

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Did a memorable scene from Dr Strange 2 copy a video game?

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