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On March 30, Tom Parker died of a brain tumor, leaving his fans and loved ones in deep sadness. Among the people who accompanied the singer while he was fighting against the disease, a huge star had made an incredible gesture, paying him his medical expenses.

Tom Parker will have fought until the end, in vain. On March 30, the British singer breathed his last at just 33 years oldafter fighting against a brain tumor dazzlingly for many months. Far from giving up, Tom Parker had decided to keep his head held high despite his illness, he who had welcomed his second child after his diagnosis. In the columns of The Sun, Kelsey Parker, the widow of the British artist, had agreed to confide in the last moments of her husbandwith whom she remained until the end.

I got into bed with him. We stayed in bed for two hours. I didn’t want anyone else, we needed this moment to talk. It was romantic, even then. Yeah he was in the hospital but with Tom it never mattered where we were“, she had declared. The young woman had also underlined how much Tom Parker had believed in a miracle until the end, he who had insisted on remaining optimistic throughout his treatments. “He was always so romantic, loving and protective, he would have done anything for me. That night, I could see that he was still looking for a way out. He had been in the hospital for a week“, she added.

“Ed is someone very special”

Recently, The Sun also published excerpts from Tom Parker’s autobiography, written during the months leading up to his disappearance. In his book, the singer had detailed the consequences of his tumor, which affected the part of the brain that dictates movement and memory. “So I have a lot of trouble walking and my short-term memory is staggering. The tumor is affecting my motor skills so for example I can’t fully open my hand even when I really try which is very frustrating“, he wrote.

The singer of the wanted, who explained that his wife and brother had forbidden him to inquire about the time he had left to live, also revealed that Ed Sheeran had made an unforgettable gesture when he announced his sickness. “As soon as I got my diagnosis, Ed Sheeran contacted me and said he would do anything in his power to help me. We’ve known each other since he joined our tour bus on a tour of America over a decade ago.“, he explained.

Then add: “I’ve never said this publicly (and he’ll probably be mad at me for doing so now) but Ed is someone very special. He paid for my medical bills when I investigated other treatment options and underwent immunotherapy“. On the death of Tom Parker, Ed Sheeran had posted a beautiful tribute for his friend on Instagram, a few hours after his disappearance.

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Death of Tom Parker (The Wanted): this huge star who paid his medical expenses – X Gossip

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