Death of Carol Arnauld: the famous singer of the 80s died at 61

The singer Carol Arnauld died this Friday, September 9 at the age of 61, as announced The Journal of Saône-et-Loire. She had notably made herself known in 1986 with the song It is not easy which she had composed after the tragic death of his brother. The song had been ranked 10e instead of charts for several weeks.

Installed in the Chalonnais since 1991, she had stop the song to devote himself to another of his passions. From 1991, the ex-singer decided to start cooking. She was holding a restaurant, The Owl with a Cold. With her partner Kenny Quaïo, who was by her side for 33 years, she also managed guest rooms.

Carol Arnauld died after a long illness

the tube It is not easy marked the 80 years. He recounts the loss of his brother killed in a car accident and the pain of those left behind. Carol Valerehis real name, took over his brother’s first name ” Arnauld as the stage name. She didn’t particularly like rhinestones and sequins. This is why she settled in Saône-et-Loire, near Chalonto embark on a new life.

The Journal of Saône-et-Loire also reported that the 60-year-old was invested in many projects. She had thus resumed, for a season, the snack of the swimming pool of Saint-Rémy. Another passion: paint. When she wasn’t painting pictures, she continued to sing, for the pleasure of his family.

It’s not easy to look at a picture of you. It’s not easy not to cry when I think of you. » was singing Carol Arnauld in 1986. Words that now resonate with his tragic disappearance. His death comes a year after that of his tour companion, Patrick Juvet. The singer, meanwhile, was the victim of a heart attack. He died at the age of 70. Released in 1977, Where are the women, who made him a disco starwill remain his greatest hit.

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The artist made a brief back on stage in 2010, participating for a few dates in the Tender Age and Wooden Head tour. The latter brought together SheilaStone and Charden, The Creole Company or Patrick Juvet. The producer of the Tender Age and Wooden Head tours, Michael Algay, also died last March. Michel Algay had notably arranged the tours of the singers Claude NougaroJacques Higelin, Serge Reggiani before producing Julio Iglesias.

Carol Arnauld died of complications from a long illness. His funeral will take place this Wednesday, September 14, at 3 p.m., at the Funérarium de Crissey. His death is reminiscent of that of other stars who marked the 80s. We think in particular of the interpreter ofAfrica, Rose Laurens, also died at the age of 65, four years ago. Of the tragic disappearances which mourn the families, but also the fans of these stars French song.

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Death of Carol Arnauld: the famous singer of the 80s died at 61

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