Culture. ‘This song ticks all the boxes’: How Kate Bush rose to fame thanks to ‘Stranger Things’

This year, the hit of the summer was 37 years old. Running up that hill, the title sung by Kate Bush in 1985 panicked the music rankings for several months. On May 30, listening to this song had “increased by 8,700% worldwide” on Spotify, according to data from the music platform, No. 1 in the market.

An incredible success, due to the use of the song in an episode of the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. The most curious have even pushed for other old titles from the Englishwoman, since listening to her repertoire “increased by 1,600%” on Spotify during the same period. ” It’s incredible ! We knew it would be special, because when we used the Should I stay or should I go of the Clash in Season 1, there was a jump in viewing, with renewed interest. But we did not imagine the magnitude for Kate Bush, ”says Nora Felder, musical coordinator of the series.

The Emmy Award, a prestigious American award received this year for his work on Stranger Things, now allows her to speak in front of a larger audience during the conferences she leads. As she will do this week at the Parisian music festival MaMA (which had already invited her before she was in the spotlight). “People think all you have to do is come up with a great song ‘and that’s it!’ “, has fun about his activity the American.

Kate Bush, an early Stranger Things fan

“In reality, we coordinate all the aspects around the music of a project, whether it’s the creative part – choosing music – but also the definition of budgets, the negotiation of rights, determining whether it is better to create a soundtrack and engage composer and musicians”, details the one who has also worked for the series Californication and Ray Donovan.

The one who has now set up her company in Los Angeles knew that Kate Bush was “very selective” in the use of her repertoire. “I took a lot of time to contact his representatives, explain what it meant for the story, the characters. When we got the green light, it was a big relief, because this song ticks all the boxes for this passage of the series”. And at the time of the discussions, the musical coordinator did not know that Kate Bush was a fan of the series.

Running up that hill is a pop song, which was successful when it was released almost 40 years ago. This is not the case of Master of puppets of Metallica, whose plays have swelled on the platforms following its use in Stranger Things. It’s a pure metal title, with a complex structure, far from the ballad Nothing else matters which had allowed Metallica to pass on the radios with great listening.

“This song sticks to the character of Eddie, which everyone loves: some refuse metal like one refuses to open a book because of its cover, but thanks to the character of Eddie, the spectators opened the book and liked this Metallica title”, dissects Nora Felder. In return, on the day of his Emmy nomination, the Californian group had flowers and a collector’s box delivered to him. Master of puppetsalbum from 1986.

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Culture. ‘This song ticks all the boxes’: How Kate Bush rose to fame thanks to ‘Stranger Things’

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