Classical music: settling scores and cacophony at Sinfonia, in the Dordogne

This modification ratified in the general assembly (GA), Monday, January 30, confirms the new trajectory of this structure which, in the past, had programmed other events: radio-hook of the Truffle, Macadam jazz and Salon du livre gourmand. But in 2020, the new municipal majority of Delphine Labails had chosen to abolish the first, to entrust the second to the Without Reserve and to take care of the organization of the third. All that remained at Clap was classical music, its primary object.

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Périgueux: settling of scores around Clap

Périgueux: settling of scores around Clap

Unbudgeted commitments, departure with computer data: the municipality accuses the former director of the association Culture loisirs animations Périgueux (Clap), David Théodoridès. The latter counterattacks

Spectacular turn of events

This transition has not been without difficulties. Its historical director, David Théodoridès, left the structure, followed by a waltz of the presidents. Monday, the last of them, Martine Noverraz, also bowed out. Absent, she had a word read to the members, in which she put forward health reasons and “a trying presidency”.

The rest of the GA confirmed that the fire is still smoldering. The new statutes reducing the number of directors, Eliane Forestier, deputy secretary of the office who led the debates, proposed the resignation and the election of a new board of directors (CA) aligned with this reform. Nine were to be elected. This was without taking into account the refusal to resign by three administrators, and a fourth, absent, who had not made his wishes known. Scandal in the audience.

End clap

Taken to task, one of the non-resigners, the treasurer Jean-Jacques Chabert, jumped up: “Were the members of the Board informed at any time of the state of the accounts? The president [NDLR : Martine Noverraz] forbade me to speak of it. But is it normal to take out loans when you have 112,000 euros in equity? »

“But if things are really so bad, resign, Jean-Jacques! “, replied Eliane Forestier. “And why would I quit? To condone shenanigans? “You are going overboard, Jean-Jacques!” ” Answer of the latter: ” I maintain, there were attempts of fraud. »

“And why would I quit? To condone shenanigans? »

Absent during the GA, the former president reacts and regrets “this stupid exit from the road when everything had been done for the transition to go well”. Martine Noverraz formally refutes the accusation of fraud and recalls that, if a loan was contracted at the end of the year, “it was while waiting for subsidies which have since arrived”.


Faced with the turn the debates were taking, several candidates threw in the towel. “I’m here to advance an association, not to manage people,” says one. Another, initially “full of enthusiasm”, says she is “cold”. “I no longer want to vote for anyone,” regrets a last.

It was in this situation that it was chosen to close the meeting, for a future GA “within two weeks”. Problem: the new formula Clap no longer has a president and only four members remain on its board of directors instead of nine.

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Classical music: settling scores and cacophony at Sinfonia, in the Dordogne

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