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Wednesday, October 12, Cyril Hanouna received Clara Morgane for the promotion of his cabaret. For the occasion, the star took the microphone on the set of Do not touch My TV, surrounded by several of her dancers. Unfortunately, his vocal performance was not unanimous among Internet users.

Clara Morgane is a fulfilled woman and artist. In the private sphere, the 41-year-old star has been making perfect love since 2009 with her husband Jeremy Oliverwhom she married in 2012. Together, the couple welcomed a little girl very protected by her mother, who had all the same posted a tender snapshot of her in her Instagram story in August 2021. If she is faithful in love, it is mainly because the pretty blonde believe to have found the rare pearl : “I have seen more beautiful, richer, more intelligent, but I have never had everything at the same time. Thing he is. Above all, i think what i love the most about him is the freedom he has, and he offers me. Total freedom” she confided last March at Jordan Deluxe. It is precisely with her husband, producer, that she embarked on a new professional adventure, on the sidelines of her famous calendars: a cabaret.

“The voice we feel that there is something…”

Since 2016, she has been traveling the roads of France with her dancers for a colorful show. This Wednesday, it’s on the set of Do not touch My TV that Clara Morgane has chosen to come and promote her starry show. But the performance of the star, who interpreted a title of the show at the microphone, did not not unanimous among Internet users, not really conquered by his vocal performances. “Very nice show! But the voice we feel that there is something… to work my little Clara”; “I have nothing against Clara but she doesn’t sing mad mad“; “I’m sorry but the song, it’s not his forte… can we read in particular on Twitter. Fortunately, the beautiful Clara Morgane can count on fans, no doubt already won over by her 3 studio albums. “I love Clara Morgane. Fuck the haters”; “Too classy Clara, and then don’t listen to the critics of the embitteredcan we read on the social network. One thing is certain, the singer and model can count on the unwavering support of Cyril Hanouna, conquered by the talent of the one he had recruited a few seasons ago as a columnist… before a big comeback?

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Clara Morgane sings on the Touche set not at my post, mixed Internet users (ZAPTV) – X Gossip

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