Christophe Willem: the singer compares Slimane to Jean-Jacques Goldman, his amazing revelations!

Singer Christophe Willem paid a very big compliment to a colleague. This is Slimane, who remains the former winner of The Voice. After his victory, he was quickly able to start his career. So he was able to quickly start his career, notably with numerous duets with the singer Vitaa. Since then, he has chained the projectsand seems completely fulfilled both professionally than personally. We’ll explaine everything here.

Christophe Willem his admiration

But although Christophe Willem also faces part of the music industry, and for a long time, he knows how to recognize talents. Indeed, it was during his appearance on the show Delighted to meet you on M Radio that he flattered Slimane’s talents. Indeed, he seems to compare him to the great Jean-Jacques Goldman. Who stays a very tall figure French music.

Thus, Christophe Willem declared that “Slimane is the Jean Jacques Goldman of today. I sincerely mean it. He has an ability to transcribe exactly what the artists for whom he works live or feel. I think about ” PS: I love you which is a deceptively light title ”.

Slimane the new Jean-Jacques Goldman

Slimane continues to receive compliments from Christophe Willem who goes on to say “because it tells a little about all this disenchantment that I felt and it manages to make people dance to a song that seems very light, that everyone can appropriate in a classic love story when basically it says that I’m not the same person as before, why did you abandon me along the way? So, it’s much deeper than it seems. This is Slimane’s strengthI find it amazing”.

A two-way admiration

But this admiration does not seem to be one-sided. Indeed, Slimane does not hide this feeling towards Christophe Willem either. The latter states “We rubbed shoulders every year on the Restos du Coeur, but we don’t see each other again outside of this occasion and when we were there and we were talking with Amel Bent, Slimane told us: ‘You know, you are two artists that I saw on TV. You are one of the artists who made me want to do this job. It was the first time that I was up against someone who is incredibly successful and who told me that, in a certain way, I had been an example for him”.

He adds on Slimane that “I took a shot of old interstellar, but at the same time, it’s super rewarding. He told me : ‘you don’t realize that, in my life, you had a big importance, but in the life of those who listen to you, you are bound to a memoryto a story of their own and you are important in life of some people. This discussion was an electric shock”.

It therefore seems that Slimane and Christophe Willem get along very well, whether for their common points professional as well as personal. A beautiful friendship seems to be born of this artistic encounter.

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Christophe Willem: the singer compares Slimane to Jean-Jacques Goldman, his amazing revelations!

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