Charlotte Gainsbourg throws everything her dad forced her to do in spite of herself, you will be surprised!

Charlotte Gainsbourg adored her father. In a recent interview, Serge Gainsbourg’s daughter opened up about the things he made her do

The death of Serge Gainsbourgon March 2, 1991 was painful for Charlotte Gainsbourg. The daughter of Jane Birkin still lived happy moments with the French artist.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and her close relationship with her father

She adored her father. Fan of his works and his particular tastes for art and beautiful things, Charlotte Gainsbourg hopes to have kept a part of her father in everything she does.

At the time of the death of the cult singer, his fans around the world have therefore mourned the death of the artist. Her family was also devastated by the loss.

Even today, his songs resonate in the hearts of the French. The latter liked Gainsbourg, but they also adored Gainsbarre, his alter-ego. As he explained in an interview, his dark side was born one night when he wrote his hit Ecce Homo in 1981.

“Yeah, it’s me Gainsbarre”, sings the artist, who has never hidden from taking drugs to draw his inspiration. “Gainsbarre killed Gainsbourg in revenge for having created him”, said Charles Trénet at the time of the singer’s disappearance.

A few years before dying, Jane Birkin, bored by the character created by the singerdecides to leave the singer and father of his daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Sad, Serge Gainsbourg therefore takes refuge in alcohol and multiplies the provocations on television sets. Everyone remembers the 500-franc note he burned live on television or the time he hugged Catherine Deneuve against her will.

In 1984, he forces his daughter to sing Lemon Incest with him. Words and images are outrageous and aroused very strong reactions. In an interview with M magazine for the World, Charlotte Gainsbourg spoke about her relationship with her father. And these were not always easy.

The time Serge Gainsbourg forced his daughter…

Lover of cinema and music, Charlotte Gainsbourg therefore began her career in 1985 playing in the film L’Effrontée. That time puts the Gainsbourg family on a pedestal.

The singer, gaga of his daughter, released an album entitled Charlotte For Ever. The latter explores father-daughter relationships in a judged atmosphere “incestuous”.

For more than 30 years, Yvan Attal’s wife thus remained very discreet on his dad. Out of modesty, but also out of respect for the one who taught him everything.

Only at the age of 15, the young woman finds herself obliged to watch over her father. Authoritarian and sick, Charlotte Gainsbourg remembers that her father forced her to pose in front of the photographers. When she didn’t feel like it, she did ” the head “as she told M Magazine.

In 1986, Charlotte Gainsbourg won the César for best young female hope for her role in The Cheekyby Claude Miller. A consecration for the young woman very shy.

A few months ago, Ben Attal’s mother was guest on Michel Drucker’s red armchair to talk about his latest film, Human Things. Michel Drucker did not resist the urge to ask him a question about his late dad.

“What would Serge think of that?” »therefore asked the presenter of France 2. “He would be proud. This is the first time I’ve answered a question like this. But it’s really my biggest sorrow that he didn’t know either Yvan or his grandchildren. she said, a bit melancholy.

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Charlotte Gainsbourg throws everything her dad forced her to do in spite of herself, you will be surprised!

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