Charles Aznavour: Michel Drucker forbids arriving at his home at 5 p.m., this strange reason…

Charles Aznavour was not from gender to be impressed. When he had something in mind, he was going all the way!

The double facet of Charles Aznavour

Dear friend ofObjeko, which Charles Aznavour song do you think of first? Between his vocal signature and the quality of his texts, we hesitate. inside book Aznavour seen from behind, we learn some beautiful things. And it’s not just anyone who took up his pen to pay him a deserved tribute. He who handles the piano like nobody entrusted his manuscript to the publisher Gérard Davoust. The latter had a real crush. Reading certain passages published in the press, the team Objeko understands it. Some anecdotes cannot leave anyone indifferent. For proof, we decided to tackle two size XL. If we had been aware at the time, maybe we would have seen it in a different light. Come on, let’s go, follow the guide!

This health problem that could have killed him

The action takes place in Canada. Charles Aznavour does not feel well. Even if he has a series of discomforts, he does not want to interrupt his tour of without in the country of maple syrup. Alas, this doctor gives him advice that will remain etched in the depths of his soul. In fact, this bottle of whiskey, he better have some enjoy ” and some ” taste ” Up to the last drop. The least we can say is that this warning sounds like a threat. ” If this isn’t the last you drink, I don’t give you more than three months to live.”

Charles Aznavour therefore had a problem with adult drinks. This did not prevent him from continuing to dazzle us on stage or from accompanying the younger generations. This is why, on hearing of his disappearance, many people say that he has filled his role as a mentor to perfection. If only Michel Drucker had known that was the last time he received him at Can’t wait for Sunday, he would have asked him more questions. However, these two knew each other like the back of their hand. The flagship host of France 2 managed to avoid controversial subjects. Moreover, this second anecdote is proof that the singer had many facets whose existence we did not even suspect.

At 5 p.m., Charles Aznavour stops everything!

Michel Drucker’s career in the PAF looks like a history book. Without him, we wouldn’t have known a quarter of a hundredth about our favorite artists. And yes, he received some from the beautiful world on his red armchair. In the early 1970s, he was very close to Claude François. Moreover, the singer of Magnolia Forever who will play matchmaker with Dany. However, even if the couple will not have children together, they will adopt their daughter as if it was his. What a wonderful gesture! as far as Charles Aznavour is concerned, he has a nice one on his wife. When he was not on tour, the one who tells nostalgia like no one took refuge in his home in Mouriès. Based in the Bouches-du-Rhône, he felt safe there. Anyway, that was before Jean’s brother came to disturb his peace!

In this biography unlike any other, Michel Drucker addresses Charles Aznavour. ” I will ring at your door and you will appear as always, on the front steps of the house. When it’s barely 7 o’clock, you were already in your office, facing your keyboard. » Say, this lifting at dawn and this rigor impress us. But what was the reason he couldn’t stand late afternoon visits? ” Above all, don’t come around 5 p.m., that’s where Ulla watches Questions for a Champion. She doesn’t like being distracted!“. At least things are clear !

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Charles Aznavour: Michel Drucker forbids arriving at his home at 5 p.m., this strange reason…

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