Carla Bruni mysterious: this surprise that she is preparing for her fans for a special date

Twenty years ago, Carla Bruni released her first album entitled Someone told me. To celebrate this anniversary as it should be, the artist announced the release of an unpublished reissue of this disc to his Instagram subscribers, this Thursday, October 6.

“Someone told me” that Carla Bruni is about to make her comeback. After having paraded for the greatest couturiersfor many years, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife decided to leave the fashion world to devote oneself to music. In November 2002, the former top model then went out his first album Someone told mecomposed with the help of his accomplice Louis Bertignac. And to celebrate the twenty years of the release of this disc, the mother of little Giulia concocted a nice surprise for its loyal audience. If she remains very enigmatic on this subject, Carla Bruni however shared various clues who could put them on the track. This Thursday, October 6, the former first lady unveiled a series of photos related to his first single on his Instagram account.

After sharing a black and white snap of her simply posing with her guitar, the artist posted several photos alongside the former guitarist and co-founder of the group Telephone. “20 years already… ✨ See you on November 4 🎶💿”, she simply wrote in the caption of this publication. And a few days later Carla Bruni put an end to the suspense by announcing the upcoming release of a collector’s vinyl. “Thank you for the wonderful welcome you gave him ❤️”, she wrote with tenderness. And to continue:This year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album with a collector’s vinyl, which will be released on November 4th. You can now pre-order it.” Therefore, its many followers can’t wait to discover this reissue. “We won’t stop loving this album”, “A real masterpiece, I listen to it over and over”, “Wow! Excellent! I love it!”, can we read in the comments. If time has no hold on the natural charm of Carla Bruniit is the same for his songs.

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Carla Bruni pushes the song in Italian

Before lifting the veil on this new project, Carla Bruni competed in musical subterfuge to make her audience wait. On August 17, the singer charmed her many subscribers by sharing a completely new cover. Tousled and natural hair, the beautiful 50-year-old sang an Italian tune a cappella. A melodious song that the mother of the family hummed with his soft and sweet voice. But by the way, where does this refrain come from? The lyrics, which the famous model a included in his publication, help to elucidate the mystery: it is Sapore di sale (Salt Flavor), one of Gino Paoli’s greatest hits. A sweet ballad that once again capsized the hearts of his fans.

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Carla Bruni mysterious: this surprise that she is preparing for her fans for a special date

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